Hey my babies!!! I miss y’all…

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on the blog, YouTube, or the Facebook page. I’ve been battling something that took so much of my confidence in myself, confidence in my knowledge, and it almost stripped me if me. I’ve been affected by it physically, mentally, spiritually, and EVERY way I could think to say… Even now I’m fighting!

With the loss of confidence and drive and encouragement I just haven’t had it in me to post anything… But from the ashes I rise!! I’ve never been one to just roll over and accept defeat so I’ve chosen to get up and fight back. I have new weapons too!! I’ve learned a lot about myself, my relationships, my EVERYTHING, and God over the past two months and I’m so excited that I’m back and I’m stronger. Thanks for sticking with me and stay tuned for some great posts to come. There may be a few changes to the blog because I’ve changed… But they will enhance the jamiedreamsbig experience. MUAH! I love yoooou!

Spring Fashion: Floral & Leopard Print


Hey guys!! I hope you like the new video… The look is pretty much made up of basics that I’ve thrown together with fun prints to make a cute spring outfit. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and be sure to check out the deets on this look below. MUAH!




Okay… Here goes…

the Turban is actually a skirt : ) I got it from Bloomin Deals thrift store on Freret St here in New Orleans

the Leopard print bandeau is American Apparel

the skirt is a maxi dress from Forever21

the blue shirt is from Old Navy

(Began its life with sleeves and I tied it at the back for the crop top effect)
And the sandals are yet another pair from Urban Outfitters

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Spring has Sprung OOTD


Spring is finally here!! Here’s my first OOTD of the season…




I hope you guys like this look… It was so comfy and cute. I was actually told by an artist “You look like something I would paint… You look like a painting”… She was SO sweet! Thankfully, before I left for my night out I had already filmed this vid.

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Business & Brunch in Black

Hello my loves! It’s been a while since any fashion posts have appeared here on so after getting so many compliments on my outfit yesterday I decided to record a video. Here it is…

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Here are the details…


Black Sweater- Forever21

Textured skirt- Forever21

Floral undershirt- Urban Outfitters


Nude pumps-  Chinese Laundry

Bag- Zara

Necklace- *Borrowed from bff

I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE THE LOOK!! Subscribe to my YouTube channel and let me know what other looks you guys would like to see! MUAH

How To Tie Scarves: 8 Cute & Easy Ways

Hello my loves!! The title is pretty self explanatory… Lol. I LOVE scarves! Always have and probably always will. So many people don’t wear scarves because they don’t really see how it can contribute the their outfit as a whole… Well, here are a few ways! Watch, Enjoy, & Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Muah!

Without work its dead


Hello my loves!! Its been a while… I really try to do posts when I feel like God is giving me something to talk about instead of just rambling about nothing- Because trust me, I can talk!. The purpose of this website is to inspire (in one way or another) so it is sometimes difficult for me to do posts because sometimes even I, yes me- the chick with an inspirational blog, have a difficult time being moved by situations to a point that I want to share it. So with ALL of that being said, the thing that’s been on my mind lately is faith.

Pretty much everyone that knows me knows that I am a faith driven person to the FULLEST!! I am!! If there is something that I feel like God has promised me or revealed to me is mine- I’m going for it! I don’t have to see a way or really even care to try to figure it out. I jump in head first and really go for holding up my end and then allow God to do what I cant. I just want to really encourage some of you… there may be something you want- a new job/career, a home, a family, to mend broken pieces with loved ones…- Even if you don’t see a way for these things to surface start living your life with faith. Knowing that God will work it all out perfectly in the end and not worrying about how. Trying to figure out the way often distracts you from what it is that YOU should be doing in the equation to get you where you want to be because as it is written “Faith without works is DEAD” And that just means that you can pray and believe all you want but God is not going to just let everything fall in your lap… you’ve got to put the work in. In high school I participated in Performance Choir and my teacher, Melanie Bivens, constantly drove that into our heads… You cant come to school praying that you pass your Math test knowing you haven’t studied let alone even opened the book. It became SO redundant, SERIOUSLY!! But I am so thankful that I had that kind of information being drilled into my head because I finally got it!! If you do your part, God will surely do the rest. If you’ve worked really hard and saved your money for your new car but have some bad things on your credit, don’t forget to take faith with you to the car dealership because THAT is the kind of work God does… Are you dealing with someone who you love but is just IMPOSSIBLE to get along with or understand? Do your part… figure out what YOU can change to help the situation use faith for that other person. I’m not gonna beat this over your head in just one post because honestly, faith is such a big part of who I am that I cant help but to always speak about it… So, I’m sorry if it gets a little redundant (Lol!) It’s just in me. This YouTube video is something I listen to almost everyday just to STAY encouraged and really keep faith and all the things God is capable of on my brain… I hope you enjoy this post, as well as your day! Muah!

Casual Sunday OOTD

Hello My loves!! As promised, I’m trying my hardest to remember to post OOTD pics when I wear the things featured in my haul video!


This was just yesterday… Headed out to Church and the beginning of a very exciting, very EXHAUSTING family day.


As mentioned in the video (VISIT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE!!) the shirt is Forever 21, the shoes are Zara, and although they weren’t featured in the vid, I got these fabulous jeans from Urban Outfitters. The shoes weren’t as comfy as they could have been because of the ankle strap so it will definitely take a few times to break them in. Here are some other views…


As you can see (and I’m actually just realizing) I have ZERO accessories on but then again, my bible did match my shoes and that smile I’m wearing is something serious! Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments and if you’re not already following go ahead and make it happen! Good day Hun…

Contest Turban is finally here!!

Many of you have watched my “Early Summer OOTD” video on YouTube where I first mention the Turban Contest… Well, IT’S FINALLY HERE!!

contest turban

Like the other contest I’ve had before, its quite simple! By now it’s no secret that more than half the time I have on a turban its not really a turban! I grab things… all sorts of things and wrap them around my head to make it a turban. That’s what this contest is all about. Look at the pictures above and comment telling me what item (skirt, shirt, tablecloth, etc…) I have wrapped around my head. Whomever wins will receive a gift card to the place where I purchased the item!! I will reveal the winner later this week on video and if more than one of you guesses the same item I will pick names from a bag! If you need a better view be sure to look at my post on it. (It’s on the Home page… “Early Summer OOTD) Go!