Sober Saturday: Faith Driven

What drives you?….

A question that I realize can mean many things so of course, we’ll explore what I’m talking about a little.


Some of you know that I’m an aspiring actress. Always have been! Well, recently I’ve was blessed with several offers for several positions in theater that will span from now through this Summer. Great! I know… IM SO EXCITED!! In addition to those Theater jobs I was also offered a position in Hospitality. I was a bit apprehensive because I’ve done hospitality before and although I love interacting with people IM OVER IT! It always comes back to the fact that it’s just not what I REALLY want to do. I was still excited about the income I could generate with all of these new opportunities I had been blessed with AND what the increase in my bank account would mean for other areas of my life. I could move, help out more, FINALLY start a new initiative I’ve been trying to introduce to the blog, etc, etc, etc. The only thing is… This new hospitality job would eventually have conflicting hours with my sometimes VERY demanding Theater schedule BUT it is consistent in many ways that I need at the time. So, after praying and thinking and obsessing over what to do- I quit the hospitality job. Yep! Only 4 days in and I was done. I was very upset about it… I felt like I’d wasted the time of so many people and I just felt bad. I knew it was right though… So I marched forward with the decision.

A few of the first thing most people ask is “Will you make enough money doing Theater?” “Are you still going to be able to move?” Blah, blah, blah.

Honestly my answer is “I don’t know” I’m trusting that God will work it out for me. And I don’t know how or when… But I know HE WILL! I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again, I’m a faith driven person. Gods promise is enough for me to lean on.


I know many of you are probably wondering what this has to do with staying sober. Well, like me, some of you may have decided you aren’t going back to where you were. You’ve prayed about it, talked it out, obsessed over it and you’ve decided that every move you make will be a step in the right direction for your life, your career, your family, your dreams…  Be strong enough to tell temptation NO when outside distractions come and paint a pretty picture of what one moment of your life can be like. Look at the big picture… How will you feel after? How do you feel even going into it? If you can say that the big picture regarding addiction is a good feeling then this post isn’t for you. Do what it takes to make big picture changes. Don’t be worried about what other people say because everybody just won’t understand. Find something good to be driven by. And don’t allow it to be materialistic, monetary, or a temporary fix. Those things will fail you every time!



Dont you dare look back! Keep going! Keep pushing!

There is life after addiction!!

Go find yourself!!

Just in case you’re almost at that point…




Don’t you do it! Your journey is not complete without a few bumpy roads… and when you make it through you will appreciate the tough times for making you stronger. As I prepare to go back to New York I think about last year when I went for school… I always- seriously ALWAYS wanted to live in New York and I was finally there. It was everything I knew it would be and SO much more… SO much more!! I had the time of my life but it was not easy by far. I had some of my most difficult, humbling times in New York and I realized that while I had been praying to get there my whole life and being confused at why it was so hard to get there- I was there at the perfect time! I wouldn’t have been strong enough mentally, physically, or spiritually before that exact moment. God knows what he is doing. It may not always make a bunch of sense to us in the moment but in the big scheme of things- its PERFECT! Keep on trusting, keep on pushing! And every time you feel like giving up PUSH HARDER! Have a great day loves! Muah, JNB

Blessing my future by declaring victory!!

Blessing my future by declaring victory!!

Good morning and Happy Monday!! I think ive mentined before that i LOVE to read!! And I am absolutely OBSESSED with Joel Osteen’s ministry!! No matter what Im feeling (happy, sad, confused, discouraged, etc…) his sermons always speak to me! Always! His newest book, “I Declare” is full wisdom on how the things we speak outloud ultimately come to pass!! Ive always been a believer in Proverbs 18:21 which says “death and life are in the power of the tongue” and it has proved true in my life…. This book is just another way for me to declare that I will be victorious in life regardless of the daily battles I face AND to get a good read in daily!!!! In my mind im already the champ!! If you are ready to go higher, get this book!! It will strengthen your relationship with God, it will increase your faith and your confidence that what you have is enough!! And that God hasnt forgot about your dreams… he’s just waiting for the perfect time to make them a reality. Get this book!!