Hey guys!! In order to reach your full potential in life sometimes you have to reach out for help and there’s NOTHING wrong with that! In fact, I encourage it! Surrounding yourself with people who understand you will help you to truly expose everything and get to the root of the problem because you won’t feel like you’re being judged and they’ll share that desire and hunger to be better. When your family doesn’t understand or are so tired of your shenanigans that they don’t want to support, you’ll still have a team around you cheering you on and keeping you strong on your weakest days.


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Seahawks, Broncos, burgers, wings & a SUPER weekend for Trafficking

Seahawks, Broncos, burgers, wings & a SUPER weekend for Trafficking

Hey guys!! I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend and the festivities that come with a big game like the Super Bowl. Keep in mind that large sports events are like gold for traffickers!! Be aware!!

Some of us regular folks are out shopping for burgers, wings, decorations, and gear for parties.., but some are out shopping for people to trap into a form of slavery that is much bigger and closer to home than many people know and believe. Some are looking to purchase someone- probably a child- for a night of “fun”

People are not for sale!! Remember, trafficking is the second largest organized crime so it can happen to any of us!!

If you suspect anything and would like to report it OR if you are in this situation there are many services to help! Don’t be afraid to use these services…

Here is a hotline that you can call and/or text





Have fun and be safe! MUAH! turns 1!!

Hello! It’s been a year… It’s really been a year! I can’t believe it went by so fast but I am grateful for this blog and all that I am able to share and the people I am able to reach. When you have even a slither of a thought and you feel like it’s something that God has given you- act on it! Forget about all the people and even small voices in the back of your mind telling you “you won’t be able to do that,” “you won’t have enough time,” or “nobody wants to hear what you have to say…” God will make a way for all those things to come together and your gift will surely make room for you. This blog started with a very VERY small idea of how I could do all of the things I love simultaneously because I was having trouble dedicating time to everything and would often “binge” on one or two at a time and end up neglecting the others. It’s worked so far and has grown into a YouTube and Facebook fan page… I’m so excited to see how far it will go!


I cannot say thank you enough for all of the love and support I’ve received!! I’ve learned so much over this year and trust me, it will show in my upcoming posts so stay tuned!! Hugs, kisses, and a lot of love… JNB


 The FBI rescued more than 105 kids ages 13-17 from sex-trafficking over the weekend here in the US!!!!

Yep! This was a cross country bust (the biggest of its kind in US History!) and 150 arrests were made in 76 cities!!

This is such an accomplishment for the movement and hopefully more of this will continue. It’s just so sad to think about all of these young children being trapped in a world of trafficking… being tortured and starved, raped, etc so someone else can get money! It’s ridiculous and it just baffles me that people are so caught up in making money that they are willing to do this to people. It baffles me at the sense of entitlement some people have over another HUMAN! Its SO common on websites like craigslist and backpage…. Really?! Is that where we are? Selling people online? Its not a good look AT ALL!  And not to mention the people that are spending money on it… smh… it’s just beyond me.  We need to start holding these types of websites accountable for this mess! 

imagesIt doesn’t stop there though… We have to hold ourselves accountable too! We can do more…

The assistant director of the FBI, Ronald Hosko, mentioned on the HLN network (I will put the link below) most of these children are from broken homes and are looking for love. Well, these people know how to identify that behavior in children so they twist their minds into thinking that this is love… this- trafficking, sex trafficking, torture, being trapped and beaten… is love? Before they know it it’s too late. It’s so easy for us to get it right before they go looking for it in different places… Make your family aware that these things are happening everyday right in YOUR neighborhood! Often too close for comfort!  And please don’t be one of those people that thinks they are invincible to this type of thing! Awareness is key! Show your family what love really is so that when someone comes there way with type of thinking immediately it’s shut down. People will try, but if we are knowledgeable about what love really is… or what caring really means- then it will go no further than that.

Please rejoice with me for the lives that have another chance… not just the children, but the pimps as well. Restoration is available for everyone.  If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or one of the numbers I list below. You can get out. You can stop. You have a real God given gift… use it! You might end up shocking yourself at some of the things you accomplish… its not too late! You can be restored. You can be free of all of it. FREE!

Here are a few numbers and websites to contact for help:



And here’s that link:


Have a wonderful day my loves!! Muah!

Mission focused!!

About a month ago the Super Bowl was held here in New Orleans and I became mildly obsessed with looking at different brochures, etc on trafficking because (obviously) the trafficking numbers would increase majorly with all of the traffic in the city. I became so caught up in getting the numbers right and coming up with the perfect post(s) to outline everything that I was seemingly overwhelmed(?) and discouraged myself in fear that I would get something wrong! I didnt do one post about it eventhough a simple “Stop Trafficking” may have sufficed. I just want to say never allow yourself to completely throw a mission out of fear of making a mistake. Stay focused on what the mission is and go for it in any way you know how… it doesnt have to be in school book form or the way this or that person does it. With most things God gives me an urgency, a serious urgency to get things done when the time is right. So, Im just going to trust that a month later is the perfect time to say that trafficking has got to stop! Regardless of the angle it is viewed at, it is wrong! Its slavery and if it were us (which it could easliy be) we would want to get the word out. Im going to post small post just like this one in hopes that the right people will see it and we can form a team to end it but, I will also, one day post the kind of post im dreaming about… facts, figures, city, state, and all that jazz. Its gonna be fancy… trust me. Until then… lets just stay mission focused and do whatever it takes to “STOP TRAFFICKING!!”