Join Us!


“We are best friends not because we always want to be but because we’ve recognized that

our friendship is about something bigger than us!”


My best friend and I have been through it and back and we are sharing parts of our friendship testimony and hoping to inspire some of you that no matter how bad things can get sometimes, if your friendship is one of those things put together by God, there is nothing that can separate it. Join us! Were hoping to hear from you during this laid backĀ call where we will talk, laugh, pray,Ā strengthen our friendships, and hopefully build new ones.

The kick off is next Thursday, August 13th at 8pm.

Don’t forget to bring your friends! We cant wait to talk to you…


Psalm 107


its pretty clear guys… I’m not begging anyone to share what God has done for them. If you’ve been delivered from something as bad as addiction and still don’t want to share for whatever reason there may still be work to do. God has been good… If you want to share that then email me!! MUAH