Hello and Happy Sunday!!

How did you sleep? Well, although I wouldn’t be able to same the same for myself, I hope you got plenty of rest.

Lately I haven’t been sleeping well because I’ve been up at night dreaming. Yes, awake and dreaming! (Seems I’ve got it backwards… I know) God has fulfilled SO many of his promises to me in just these few months of the New Year that I’ve been up praying/thanking him and excited about what’s to come. SO excited that I can’t sleep. Lol.

Everything isn’t perfect BY FAR but sometimes we have to look at what God has already done to stay encouraged and know by faith that he will fulfill every promise. I’m overwhelmed with blessings right now! Lol. He flipped it on me a little. He’s funny like that. He’s good like that.

If it hadn’t happened yet keep praying and believing! It will happen right in time. Be ready!

Good day my loves… Muah, jnb

*By the way- I know I’ve been slacking on posting… It goes back to that while overwhelmed with blessings thing… Lol. My apologies. I’ll get better. I promise

sup-port-er \se-por-ter\

: one that supports or acts as a support

Synonyms:advocate, backer, booster, champion, friend, gospeller, promoter, protagonist, true believer…

karayanTHIS.CHICK.RIGHT.HERE!!!! Such a beast! Lol! This is my best friend guys… Believe it or not- if you look up support in the dictionary her picture will pop up! No seriously though… She is such a huge support in everything I do.  She rarely (and I do mean RARELY) disagrees with my vision of my dreams of tries to make them something other than what they are. She instead, tells me her honest opinion about things but supports whichever way I go. She accepts the crazy big dreaming person that I naturally am and never makes me feel like I’m in over my head… OMG… I cant even really type any further about her because my tears are blinding me… I just want all of you to know how important it is to have support when you are go after your dreams. Yes, there will be those that don’t get it… don’t worry about them. They will catch on eventually… just pray about the things that you desire and if God has promised it to you keep going. Its going to be so hard sometimes… lean on your support system and keep going. If you feel like you don’t have any support then lean on God and PRAY for someone. I know I did. Nobody understood why I wanted to be an actress and I just felt so alone and misunderstood sometimes… well, lets just say God gave me more than enough! Lol. I’m serious, my BFF has enough support in her for everyone I know! But the great thing is… everybody eventually jumped on board when they saw how serious I was.  Also, be careful what YOU are saying to those people in your life that desire things that just don’t seem possible for their current situation. Pray about it… be honest with them but try to be there for them regardless if they agree with you or not. Its hard enough when you have support… lets not make anyone do it alone! Now, as far as praying for THE BEST BEST FRIEND EVER… just go ahead and ask for the SECOND BEST… # 1 spot is already taken. (**Thanks so much Slim!! I would be over a bridge without you…)

Change YOU!

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” Victor Frankl

An addiction affects not only the addict, but the entire family. Of course we want our loved ones to be clean and sober and free from all bondage… but if you’ve done all you can and that person remains infected with the illness addiction is… move on! And don’t feel guilty. They will get it when they are supposed to. But you’ve got to learn how to be happy whether they EVER get clean or not! Keep praying and encouraging and motivating.
They will get it! Just don’t put YOURSELF through hell while you’re waiting. Don’t worry… God’s big enough to handle it! Muah! Prayers make sweeter dreams… gn.