New music obsession… Reality Show

Hey guys!! I’ve missed you… You missed me too? Oh, how sweet!

Okay so, I’ve always loved music. I’ve always loved real artists. Artists that express themselves well and that care more about the artistry in music that what their face looks like while their singing. Nothing’s wrong with being cute but I love expression! With all that being said…. Maaaan. Have you heard Jazmine Sullivan’s new album?! Sheesh! The girl is crazy talented… She has the ability to FEEL every word she wrote like she JUST wrote it. I love it! I’ve been completely obsessed with her new album “Reality Show” and of course I wanted to bring some of her energy here to the blog. I had a difficult time choosing which video or song because I love them ALL so much. I decided to go with the song that I heard first… Before the album was even released. She explains what the song is about and sings it flawlessly! Listen and let her story inspire you!


Her voice and her artistry is so amazing… If you haven’t heard the album…

You sleep. Under a BIG rock! Go listen and go get it!

Business & Brunch in Black

Hello my loves! It’s been a while since any fashion posts have appeared here on so after getting so many compliments on my outfit yesterday I decided to record a video. Here it is…

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Here are the details…


Black Sweater- Forever21

Textured skirt- Forever21

Floral undershirt- Urban Outfitters


Nude pumps-  Chinese Laundry

Bag- Zara

Necklace- *Borrowed from bff

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For the sake of leaving no one out…

Okay so by now it’s no secret that I love Jill… But I also want to just point out the fact that there is NOTHING you can do to make haters go away so just include them! I know that the people who hate everything that this website stands for probably frequent it as much as (if not more) than those who embrace it because they are waiting fir an error like that one i just made : ) And that’s exactly why I continue to do me! And I do it SO well! Go ahead and face the fact that some people will ALWAYS find something wrong with everything! They’ll never be satisfied so you might as well just do YOU!! ┬áThis video is inspiration for those of you who need it but also a Hello! to any haters! You are welcome to watch… I’ll make sure to throw in a little something for you every once in a while… Goodnight loves!! Muah!



Impossible things are happening EVERY DAY!!

Impossible things are happening EVERY DAY!!

Hello my loves!! So… I’m sure you’re wondering what’s up with the Cinderella picture. Lol. Well… I was nothing short of obsessed with this movie when it came out and every time I watch it I fall in love again. Aside from the AMAZING voices (RIP to the best fairy God mother EVER Whitney) this fairy tale has so much to say about how quickly the impossible can become possible. And the biggest issue with Cinderella was actually taking that first step and going to the ball… when she got there she was able to work her magic. Lol. I know this may seem a little juvenile for some… but I think it’s important to remember the things that evoked imagination and dreams and wishes in us when we were kids!! Lol. You know when you were a kid NOTHING was impossible. If you wanted to be something through dreams and imagining and a few other creative tricks and toys… you were it! Its really still that simple. It is! If there is something that you’ve been wanting to do… do it! You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted and you already have “everything you need to be anything…” Go for it. All the right people will support you! And the others… well they can have a seat! And quickly! Good day loves…


I LOVE Jill Scott!! Her ability to express her feelings so perfectly through music, poetry, acting (and everything she does) AMAZES me!! I can’t wait to have a love like she’s singing about on this song… I’m feeling this tonight… I wouldn’t be shocked at all if I’ve posted this before OR if I post it again! (HA!) Enjoy…



So obviously this week is Thanksgiving week! One of the few times a year we gather to spend time with our families, eat LOTS of food(Yum!), maybe watch a few movies, eat again, decorate the Christmas tree, and of course EAT! I’m going to try to post a video each night with a song or poem or SOMETHING about being Thankful! First up is an OLD video of Kim Burrell singing “Be Grateful” by Walter Hawkins. She is my favorite singer (too beastly for words ya’ll! Ridiculous!) so you’ll see more of her. Follow the link and enjoy…