Motivation for the week ahead…

Sometimes it can be so hard waiting for things to move and happen in our lives… And it can be so easy to assume that people are better off and thriving so much more in their lives than we are. But, we don’t know what they are going through or what they went through to get where they are!

God has provided a grace for our exact situation and with that grace comes the strength, patience, drive, etc to do things on a level that directly coincides with the Destiny he has given you. Let’s try to focus more on what we were given so that when we are faced with the opportunity to do Destiny work or the opportunity to live our Dreams we aren’t trying to carry them out by imitating the people around us that are operating in the grace God gave THEM. It won’t work! What God has given you is perfect for your Dreams and every thing, every idea inside of you just waiting to happen. Let’s finish this year off strong… walking in the unique grace God has placed on each of our lives.




It’s your turn!!

Hey guys! Many of you have read the story about my experience with addiction and maybe many others posted here on the blog for Sober Saturday… I am looking for more stories from people who have experiences with addiction (their own or someone whose addiction affected them) to share in hopes of inspiring someone who may be dealing with an addiction or going through tough times witnessing their loved one and/or dealing with some of the hurt that comes along with addiction.


Just as with any illness or disease, family and friends are affected by watching something terrible tear someone they care about so much. This is all about motivating someone to keep going when they feel like giving up, when they feel like drifting back into old ways or “just doing it one more time” Let’s let them know it isn’t worth it. Even if you don’t have it all together yet go ahead and share! It is so cathartic and freeing to just get it all out… Maybe your addiction is negativity? Or tearing yourself down? You are absolutely more than welcome to share your story! This is about having a Sober mind… Sober living in general. So go ahead, email me! Someone is somewhere waiting to hear a story like yours to push them to the next level… Let’s get it done! Muah

Sober Saturday: Deal with It


I saw this the other day and thought “Wow!” It’s one of those simple truths that sounds so profound when you’re in a place of wanting to move forward but can’t figure out what’s holding you back….


Yes, Jamie. Your weaknesses.

Just being completely honest about the situation I can think of times that I’ve done something wrong and I immediately think about or bring up all the good I do. I’ve identified that it is a defense mechanism because I dont want anyone to take anything from me. But the truth is, if I don’t deal with some of my flaws and improve I will be remembered for the bad instead if the good.

The same is true with addiction.

Unfortunately some of the BEST people struggle with addiction.

The greatest musicians, mothers and fathers, husbands or wives, etc have something that just literally drains the good out of them. I believe that is why so many are SO frustrated… Because you know what’s there. You know what’s being neglected and wasted for a terrible habit. If we are not careful to deal with our demons they will conquer us and all the good will be completely wasted.

So deal with the bad so you can enjoy the good!! Live a good life and leave a good legacy. It is definitely  a process but I think as long as we recognize that having some good doesn’t make the bad irrelevant and actually address those issues head on- we’ll be fiiiine!

Deal with it!

Sober Saturday: Motivation

Hello my loves!!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted anything and I must say, I’m so grateful for my blog and my followers, that I feel guilty when I feel unmotivated especially for important posts like the ones I do on Sex Trafficking and of course, SOBER SATURDAY!

I sat in the bed last night and began to panic when I realized that it was Friday and I hadn’t even thought about what I’d post for Sober Saturday let alone be motivated or urged (by my own thoughts, others, God, circumstances, etc) to post something like I usually am. I refused to NOT have a post yet another Saturday! REFUSED!! It was then that it occurred to me that my responsibility despite my motivation (or lack thereof) was a post in itself.

Regardless of who you are and what you do motivation is something we all need. Sometimes it may seem people don’t know the answer or don’t understand simply to give you the opportunity to find the answer in yourself.


There are so many of you that may be new to sobriety or working towards sobriety, OR simply feeling unmotivated… We allow our jobs, situations,  family and friends, and even addiction, to occupy our lives so much that there’s nothing left. When it’s time to do something that is usually pretty simple we are so worn down that we don’t even have the energy or ,mind space for it.  This is exactly what has been happening with me and blogging- something that I LOVE doing and is good for me has taken a backseat because I’ve allowed other things to get in the front.

I know this post isn’t very long or necessarily full of profound things but I certainly hope it can be a jumping point for some of you to begin doing the things you love even when you may be low on energy or feeling down. Doing something you love and pushing through despite how you’re feeling may remind you why you began it in the first place and spark inspiration to continue. Whether it’s motivating yourself to stop using drugs, encouraging yourself to get up and go to the AA meeting, or pushing through the tiredness and writing a blogpost- ENCOURAGE YOURSELF and keep moving!! Think about some of the things you like to do that are good for you… Some of the things that can be cathartic and provoke self growth. Maybe you need to go through and do some prioritizing and ERASING things and/or people from your life than really don’t add anything positive to your personal growth. It can be hard work depending on how far down on the list you’ve allowed positivity and personal growth to sink. Do it anyway! The peace you’ll experience from a free mind (freedom from drugs, alcohol, negativity, stress, work, etc) will be SO worth it.

Reach for more… And while your hand is on the way up BELIEVE you’ll be bringing down the things you need to help you keep moving.



I thought from the age of about 5 that I would be a Movie Star at a young age and that people would watch me grow up on tv or in movies… The thing I absolutely love about is that you guys are able to witness my growth as a young adult as it happens. No, it’s not in the way that I thought it would be. But, it’s in a more real, up close and personal kind of way. I’m as honest as I can be with y’all and I genuinely PRAY and hope that my blog inspires you in some way.


Thanks to all of my new followers!! I see ya…

And thanks to the ones who have been with me from the beginning… I appreciate all the love. I LOVE the love.


You WILL hear from/see me soon! MUAH!


Yesterday you said Tomorrow…

Hey guys, I’ve posted this pic before… I’m not sure exactly what the message was before, it may even be exactly the same as this! I don’t know! Lol. I came across the pic and the message (I added a line or two) that is below on my Facebook page and was inspired by my own words. I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!! (It one of the reasons I’m a card hoarder) Things we’ve gone through already and the messages or lessons we’ve gained from them can still help us (and others) now!! It’s okay to take a look back and see where you were and how far you’ve come! The same thing that helped you before, whether it was something as serious as not knowing how you’re gonna get through life or just inspiration for the day, it can help you AGAIN! Get inspired! Even if you have to take a look back at some old stuff!! Do it today… Time waits for no one.



What are you waiting for?

…There may be a million people in your city that want the same things you want but your dedication to it even when you dont feel like it is what will set you apart! Today is the best day to get started… Tomorrow they could be done casting for the part. Tomorrow they could have already found a lead dancer. And you could gain 5 more pounds this week putting that diet off until “next Monday”… Lol. You have to ride the bus and it’s raining outside? You better buy some cute rain boots! It’s too hot? Find some shade and a cold bottle of water and quit letting things you will NEVER be able to control keep you from getting whats yours. You don’t need a New Year to have a “New You!” Go get it TODAY! No more tomorrows ya’ll… Hugs, kisses, and a whole bunch of love- jnb
 turns 1!!

Hello! It’s been a year… It’s really been a year! I can’t believe it went by so fast but I am grateful for this blog and all that I am able to share and the people I am able to reach. When you have even a slither of a thought and you feel like it’s something that God has given you- act on it! Forget about all the people and even small voices in the back of your mind telling you “you won’t be able to do that,” “you won’t have enough time,” or “nobody wants to hear what you have to say…” God will make a way for all those things to come together and your gift will surely make room for you. This blog started with a very VERY small idea of how I could do all of the things I love simultaneously because I was having trouble dedicating time to everything and would often “binge” on one or two at a time and end up neglecting the others. It’s worked so far and has grown into a YouTube and Facebook fan page… I’m so excited to see how far it will go!


I cannot say thank you enough for all of the love and support I’ve received!! I’ve learned so much over this year and trust me, it will show in my upcoming posts so stay tuned!! Hugs, kisses, and a lot of love… JNB

For the sake of leaving no one out…

Okay so by now it’s no secret that I love Jill… But I also want to just point out the fact that there is NOTHING you can do to make haters go away so just include them! I know that the people who hate everything that this website stands for probably frequent it as much as (if not more) than those who embrace it because they are waiting fir an error like that one i just made : ) And that’s exactly why I continue to do me! And I do it SO well! Go ahead and face the fact that some people will ALWAYS find something wrong with everything! They’ll never be satisfied so you might as well just do YOU!!  This video is inspiration for those of you who need it but also a Hello! to any haters! You are welcome to watch… I’ll make sure to throw in a little something for you every once in a while… Goodnight loves!! Muah!



If you coming, come on!!

If you coming, come on!!

Im usually not the type to be afraid to go… I have more of an issue with being still! However, I saw this and I was inspired to write a post about how we ask God for things in general and arent prepared for him to answer in his own timing AND in his own way. I can recall hearing on so many occasions when im frustrated and impatient that God works in his own timing but, we fail to realize it works both ways! You may pray for something and God may answer your prayers but you may not see the fulfillment for YEARS… What we need to realize is that he may also answer tomorrow!!!! Are you really ready? God knows you. In and Out. Up and Down. Waaaay better than you know yourself. He knows your hearts desires. If there is something you want to do or something you want to be pray about it, ask God for guidance, just make sure youre ready for the fulfillment to go HOWEVER God wants it to. Whether its a year, 10 years, or tomorrow. New York, France, or Fort Worth, Tx!! God is ready, just make sure you are. Faith will ALWAYS beat fear…

What goes in… WILL come out!!

So, this is more about the way your mind digests things rather than your body. This post is for the people, the REAL people, who realize that they are not perfect and are moving toward eliminating the things in their life that dont add positivity. The best way to do this is to sit sown and do a self assessment. Are there things you are currently doing that dont necessarily take away from your character but dont add anything either? Hmm… Examples… Okay, examples are things like cursing, being impatient, easily angered, un-tactful, etc. Any of these things being a part of the person you are may not hurt you but there is NOTHING to gain WITH them. If these things are included in some of what you would like to change about yourself then you should probably access the things you are constantly listening to, watching, and surrounding yourself with. If you feel like waking up, rolling over and turning on music with lots of cursing, violence, and anger is partially the reason why you project those things through out your day then stop listening to those things or listen less. If you feel like cuddling up in your warm cozy bed and hearing/seeing women throw chairs and bottles at each other before you close your eyes at night is partially the reason youre waking up angry and ready to fight because of the smallest things… watch something else before bed. Are you still reading “See Spot Run” and wondering why you cant communicate on a deeper level? Well, donate that book and purchase something with wisdom on the subject of your choice. What goes in, WILL come out! My Pastor (Dr. Douglas E. Brown, Great Commission Baptist Church) has done a sermon called “No more Enfamil” before. He talked about how we need to put our milk down and chew on something more meaty spiritually. Nothing is wrong with a 2minute prayer but as you grow and become closer to God there should be more to talk about. There is no problem with making mistakes but as your relationship with God grows you shouldnt want to keep making the same mistakes over and over and over. I want some food! No more milk for Jamie. Like I said, this is for the people that are ready for growth. If you want to argue with me about how being easliy angered isnt stunting your growth- youre not ready. If you want to argue with me about why fighting all the time is okay-youre not ready. If youre wanting to see a change in yourself, there will be things you do that you will have to change. At your own pace, begin to replace the things that dont add to who you are. Different music, different TV shows, different books, different friends. You will see a diffence in the person you are.You will! Have you ever seen a magic towel? They start off folded into cute little shapes and when you add water they grow and change and take the form of a towel AND can be used for their true purpose. WE are the same… so cute and nice to just look at in the shape we are. But, when water is added growth takes place and we can be used for out purpose. Water yourself… blossom and take your true form. MUAH!!