Business & Brunch in Black

Hello my loves! It’s been a while since any fashion posts have appeared here on so after getting so many compliments on my outfit yesterday I decided to record a video. Here it is…

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Here are the details…


Black Sweater- Forever21

Textured skirt- Forever21

Floral undershirt- Urban Outfitters


Nude pumps-  Chinese Laundry

Bag- Zara

Necklace- *Borrowed from bff

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Yesterday you said Tomorrow…

Hey guys, I’ve posted this pic before… I’m not sure exactly what the message was before, it may even be exactly the same as this! I don’t know! Lol. I came across the pic and the message (I added a line or two) that is below on my Facebook page and was inspired by my own words. I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!! (It one of the reasons I’m a card hoarder) Things we’ve gone through already and the messages or lessons we’ve gained from them can still help us (and others) now!! It’s okay to take a look back and see where you were and how far you’ve come! The same thing that helped you before, whether it was something as serious as not knowing how you’re gonna get through life or just inspiration for the day, it can help you AGAIN! Get inspired! Even if you have to take a look back at some old stuff!! Do it today… Time waits for no one.



What are you waiting for?

…There may be a million people in your city that want the same things you want but your dedication to it even when you dont feel like it is what will set you apart! Today is the best day to get started… Tomorrow they could be done casting for the part. Tomorrow they could have already found a lead dancer. And you could gain 5 more pounds this week putting that diet off until “next Monday”… Lol. You have to ride the bus and it’s raining outside? You better buy some cute rain boots! It’s too hot? Find some shade and a cold bottle of water and quit letting things you will NEVER be able to control keep you from getting whats yours. You don’t need a New Year to have a “New You!” Go get it TODAY! No more tomorrows ya’ll… Hugs, kisses, and a whole bunch of love- jnb




Holiday Style

Hello my loves!! The Holidays are a special time of year… it’s the time when most families really bond together as one and Celebrate the birth of Jesus but there are SO many different things to do in preparation. If you’re running from the mall to meetings to holiday parties don’t let your lifestyle compromise your style… In this video you can check out how I wore 1 blazer 4 ways for 4 completely different lifestyles… Check it out!


As promised, here are the details!!


The Red Blazer that is used in all 4 looks in from a Thrift Shop named “Never met Her” here in New Orleans


Look Number 1

A plain white tee- the one pictured is from H&M but obviously can be purchased anywhere…

Distressed denim shorts- these shirts began as pants and were distressed by yours truly… They are from Forever21 (A good place to get jeans to distress because they are inexpensive but don’t feel cheap)

Gold Owl necklace- Forever21


Look Number 2

Everything except the blazer and boots is from H&M


Look Number 3

The Jumper worn here is from Target

and I have no clue where the necklace is from (sorry) it’s my bff’s! Lol


Look Number 4

the Navy blue & Hunter green plaid shirt was purchased at GAP yeeeaaarrsss ago

the jeans are from Urban Outfitters; and

the Gold chain necklace is from Forever21

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Thanks so much! MUAH