It’s your turn!!

Hey guys! Many of you have read the story about my experience with addiction and maybe many others posted here on the blog for Sober Saturday… I am looking for more stories from people who have experiences with addiction (their own or someone whose addiction affected them) to share in hopes of inspiring someone who may be dealing with an addiction or going through tough times witnessing their loved one and/or dealing with some of the hurt that comes along with addiction.


Just as with any illness or disease, family and friends are affected by watching something terrible tear someone they care about so much. This is all about motivating someone to keep going when they feel like giving up, when they feel like drifting back into old ways or “just doing it one more time” Let’s let them know it isn’t worth it. Even if you don’t have it all together yet go ahead and share! It is so cathartic and freeing to just get it all out… Maybe your addiction is negativity? Or tearing yourself down? You are absolutely more than welcome to share your story! This is about having a Sober mind… Sober living in general. So go ahead, email me! Someone is somewhere waiting to hear a story like yours to push them to the next level… Let’s get it done! Muah

Great News!!

Hey guys!! If you follow me on any Social Media outlets you’ve already seen my announcement about the upcoming   “Pieces of Me Tour” I’m doing. I’m so excited!

Tour FlyerI’ll be speaking about my life and how different experiences I’ve had ultimately have made me who i am. It’s something ive known I was supposed to be doing for a while now and I’m not sitting on it anymore! I’ll be in a city near you soon so be on a look out for the dates. Muah!

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Fighting Tired

I’m tired guys. Not just physically or mentally, but in every way imaginable. I’m tired of living. And I’m  not that old… But every once in a while I just get tired of being here. So today, while sitting in bed thinking… I realized I had been thinking about my funeral. And what it would be like for me and for others if I we! ren’t here anymore. I realized that I’d thought out all the details… Down to the polish on my nails. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We need to know how we want our funeral services to be… But it is a bad thing that I’d rather not be here so often. Logically speaking, I know that God loves me and I know he knows I love him. I know where I’m going when I die and most of the time I’d rather just go ahead and go. It’s a REAL struggle for me. Am I alone?

Im grateful that God loves me enough to grant me more days here and I’m grateful that he keeps giving me another chance to get it right but it’s exhausting. The fight for freedom from my old ways and things from my past that try to hold me back. It’s exhausting. Being tempted. Trying to be patient. Trying to survive. Trying to get people to see me for me and not for who they THINK I am or should be. It’s tiring.

This is a different kind of post than my usual upbeat post. But I wanted to share my reality and get it all out and hopefully inspire someone. Hopefully someone will see that their not alone. You aren’t. We all have moments and even as I sit here not sure of all the answers I know that the thing that keeps me here is knowing that somewhere somebody needs Jamie. The world needs me in some way. That’s why I’ll keep fighting even when I’m tired way past my limit. Somebody needs you too. There is something in this world that YOU were created for. Something that only YOU can do… Keep fighting through the frustration. Keep fighting through whatever pain from your past that seems to just follow you. Fight. Fight through your mistakes. You’re bigger than them. Fight for you… A happy you.

You’re worth it.

Hey! Listen. There’s help if you need it… Don’t be too proud. We need you.

1800 273 8255

That’s the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Use it if you need to.

Throwback Thursday: God spared my life

imageOn this day a month ago I stepped out of this car, facing the wrong way on the interstate in 9am traffic with not one scratch or bruise on my body. I have no question in my mind about who it was that saved me that day.

It was a dreary day and we were all getting together for breakfast at one of our favorite spots Anita’s. We left early and because the rest of our group was running behind we decided to take it easy. We got on the interstate and before we could make it even a mile down the road the car slid on what may have been a puddle of water… Coming out of the slide I remember thinking “That was close..” But it didn’t stop there. We spun around several times hitting both sides of the interstate (SO close to going over) and it seems that all of the cars in front of us sped ahead and all the cars behind us froze in time. I called Jesus’ name the entire time and I know he was there with us. It was an extremely scary thing to happen but the peace that God gave me while we were spinning told me that everything would be okay and it is!


We both both stepped out of the car able to walk and talk and have all of the regular activity of our limbs. God is good huh? He’s never failed me and though I know he never will, this experience really opened my eyes to some things. My life and my purpose is precious to him. Lil ole me y’all!

I’m so glad he looked beyond all of my faults and spared my life so I can live for him and truly walk in the purpose that  he clearly wants me here on earth for.

Thank you God! You’re amazing!

Bee Behavior

Hello My Loves!! How are you? I’m fine… I’m sure you’re wondering what this post could possibly be about after reading the title. Lol. It’s okay… I’ll let you in on what “Bee Behavior” is or at least what it is pertaining to this post.

Okay so, the other day I was sitting somewhere looking out the window. I began to hear something tapping the window and quickly noticed that this something came with a buzz… It was a Bee.  I watched this Bee work himself (Yeah, it was a boy. Lol.) silly trying to get outside through the closed window. I mean… for a good 5 minutes this Bee was unstoppable!! He eventually drained himself so low that he sat on the window seal and gave up. I wanted to help him but I just got my first Bee sting a few weeks ago  and I ain’t trying to get another… But, something inside of me wanted him to find a way out.

I know this seems silly to some of you but my mind took off…


I began to think about how we as humans sometimes have “Bee Behavior”… I’ve been there before; Stuck in the same place or situation trying the SAME thing over and over and over until eventually I’m  so drained that I give up. Sometimes we see exactly where we want or even NEED to be and when we make up our minds that we will get it a certain way, that (and ONLY that) is how we go about trying to attain that thing or goal.

You have to be willing to switch up your tactics and plans sometimes or you’ll sacrifice the dream because of the journey. This doesn’t mean that sometimes you wont have to be diligent and consistently keep reaching and trying and doing whatever you can to attain something’s… It just simply means that if you’ve been working towards something that you haven’t quite gotten yet, you need to assess the something about the situation. If you’re studying and you’ve always used a highlighter for memory and you realize that is no longer working- make some flash cards. It’s okay to mix it up a little… Pass the test! Even in relationships people like to switch it up- going different places, trying different things… Don’t be afraid to MIX IT UP!! Be creative.

You are NOT a Bee!!

The Lesson- Maya Angelou


The Lesson

I keep on dying again.
Veins collapse, opening like the
Small fists of sleeping
Memory of old tombs,
Rotting flesh and worms do
Not convince me against
The challenge. The years
And cold defeat live deep in
Lines along my face.
They dull my eyes, yet
I keep on dying,
Because I love to live.

I love, Love, LOVE this poem! Ive been in situations a few times where I felt like I was tired. Tired of there always being SOMETHING to figure out or always something going wrong… Regardless of what I felt in that moment I decided to get through the dying stage even if I have to face it again so that I can LIVE. Its so worth it to hold on… Keep pushing…