Repairing broken relationships




I came across this picture a WHILE ago and immediately saved it… I LOVE it!!


I want to use this VERY simple thought to encourage some of you that may have broken friendships or relationships…

Rough times are inevitable to EVERYTHING we do or are apart of in this life… The bottom line is sometimes things break. They JUST DO! People change, grow, get different jobs or careers and life just happens. What we have to do when we realize we are in a broken relationship is decide what to do with the pieces. Do you want to throw them away? Or is the friendship or relationship worth you picking up the pieces and putting it back together with gold? Is there a way it can be built on a better foundation ? Better principles? Can the growth that has taken place individually be used to grow the relationship?

Every argument is not an ending!! I have to remind myself this all the time… Sometimes a little crumble needs to take place to get feelings out and both parties can have a better understanding of each other.

Now, some broken relationships DONT need to be repaired but may be preparing you for what’s next. Pray for discernment… Figure out if it’s worth it or not. But nothing’s wrong with adding a little Gold in the mix and making things better. It won’t be easy BY FAR!! But just like the pottery above, it’ll be rare… Unable to duplicate, special!!


Don’t be afraid to use a little Gold!!

Flashback Friday

Hey guys!! I am not a loyal participant in “Throwback Thursday” or “Flashback Friday” like some… However, I will occasionally go back and re-post something that I feel needs to be seen or something that didn’t get a ton of views.

Go ahead, check out this vid! I don’t know about yall but sometimes all of the negativity on social media and mess being shown on TV- I get exhausted and I feel like a fish out of water! I NEED POSITIVITY!! There are some very inspiring things in this vid so don’t be afraid to press play. Muah!

What are you allowing?…



So this seems pretty simple right? But I know that sometimes it gets a little more complicated than putting your foot down and saying “I’m not going to let you use me anymore”, or “Don’t call me that anymore”, or “I’m no longer going to be an enabler to your bad habits”… It’s got to be done though. If not, your relationships and friendships will suffer. Find the strength to put a stop to something that should have no place in your life… If its really love (from whoever!) it will end and even if it’s not understood the fact that you stood up for yourself or for what’s right will be more important than the fact that you’re saying “no more, that’s the last time that will happen..” MUAH! Good day…


Black Panther with Sex Appeal & a random bike OOTD


Hello! I hope all is well with all of you…

My Birthday is about a week away, and in addition to ALL of the celebrating

I plan on doing for my own bday, I know about a million people who are August babies!!

There are parties and bday dinners left and right so I’m sure there will be many opportunities for OOTD’s! Stay tuned because I’ve never really celebrated my bday but this year I’m seizing the moment and TRUST I will look cute while I do it!

I’m on my way to a dinner here… Showing a little leg and having mucho fun…. Check it out below!

My best friend kept saying I looked like a Black Panther at the top 1/2 of my body and a little sex appeal added with the shoes! Lol! What do you think?


Here I am walking across Royal St in the French Quarter…

The top is from Forever21, the shorts were originally pants that I cut and cuffed myself… I purchased them a while ago at TJ MAXX and the heels are Kristen Cavallari for Chinese Laundry.


The bracelet I’m wearing was purchased at H&M  and other than the lime green nail polish I purchased at Urban Outfitters that is SO appropriately called  “Slime”, and my “African Violet” lipstick by Black Radiance- Thats it for this look!

I wanna give a special shot out to the person that owns the bike…

Thanks for not coming out and seeing my photo op on your vehicle… You’re awesome and your bike is comfy!


Have a wonderful day loves… MUAH!!


 The FBI rescued more than 105 kids ages 13-17 from sex-trafficking over the weekend here in the US!!!!

Yep! This was a cross country bust (the biggest of its kind in US History!) and 150 arrests were made in 76 cities!!

This is such an accomplishment for the movement and hopefully more of this will continue. It’s just so sad to think about all of these young children being trapped in a world of trafficking… being tortured and starved, raped, etc so someone else can get money! It’s ridiculous and it just baffles me that people are so caught up in making money that they are willing to do this to people. It baffles me at the sense of entitlement some people have over another HUMAN! Its SO common on websites like craigslist and backpage…. Really?! Is that where we are? Selling people online? Its not a good look AT ALL!  And not to mention the people that are spending money on it… smh… it’s just beyond me.  We need to start holding these types of websites accountable for this mess! 

imagesIt doesn’t stop there though… We have to hold ourselves accountable too! We can do more…

The assistant director of the FBI, Ronald Hosko, mentioned on the HLN network (I will put the link below) most of these children are from broken homes and are looking for love. Well, these people know how to identify that behavior in children so they twist their minds into thinking that this is love… this- trafficking, sex trafficking, torture, being trapped and beaten… is love? Before they know it it’s too late. It’s so easy for us to get it right before they go looking for it in different places… Make your family aware that these things are happening everyday right in YOUR neighborhood! Often too close for comfort!  And please don’t be one of those people that thinks they are invincible to this type of thing! Awareness is key! Show your family what love really is so that when someone comes there way with type of thinking immediately it’s shut down. People will try, but if we are knowledgeable about what love really is… or what caring really means- then it will go no further than that.

Please rejoice with me for the lives that have another chance… not just the children, but the pimps as well. Restoration is available for everyone.  If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or one of the numbers I list below. You can get out. You can stop. You have a real God given gift… use it! You might end up shocking yourself at some of the things you accomplish… its not too late! You can be restored. You can be free of all of it. FREE!

Here are a few numbers and websites to contact for help:



And here’s that link:


Have a wonderful day my loves!! Muah!