Sober Saturday: ENABLING. When “helping” is hurting

Happy Sober Saturday!!

One thing about addiction is that it not only takes a toll on the addict but often affects the entire family. Today’s topic is enabling and honestly, it is SO easy to fall into without even realizing it we can all probably say we’ve enabled someone at some point.

         I mean, we’ve all witnessed it for sure.
Whether it’s someone who allows their child to dictate how the trip to Target goes because they just don’t feel like hearing them cry (Spoiling them even more) or someone who pays the crackhead down the street to wash their car because “they do such a good job” (you’re giving them money for more drugs! I know you didn’t think that money went towards more supplies did you? And yes, I said crackhead) or allowing your Mom to use your car to go get drugs (feeding the addiction)
 It’s all enabling!!
Now, the REASONS we enable can vary… We all have our personal demons.
The thing is we’ve got to figure outa way to stop doing it.
Please watch the video and feel free to leave comments and other solutions you may know of.
I am at home. I didn’t get all dressed up to
sit in front of the camera because I wanted it to be like I’m having a casual conversation with a friend. There’s no makeup or fashion to distract from the message. So yeah, I look a mess. Lol.
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Real Quick…

I just wanted to remind you that it is the Holiday Season and among all of the celebrating going on we have to be mindful that not everyone has family or even a place to call home.

It can be a very stressful time for someone who is struggling with the loss of a loved one or an addiction, etc… Be sensitive to the needs of others and try to really be there for someone without expecting anything in return.

What will you be doing this Holiday Season to help others?

Halloween fun… Jamie Incredible takes out a pimp!

Hello my loves! I hope all of you enjoyed your Halloween festivities safely… I decided to “dress up” and I thought a super-hero would be fitting to who I am and what I’m all about…                                                                                             JAMIE INCREDIBLE TO THE RESCUE!! image And of course, the actress in me couldn’t let the day go by without “getting in to character” so when I saw someone dressed as a pimp I took full advantage of my opportunity to destroy him!! Lol!! image It was all in good fun… No one was hurt or injured… BUT, it’s so important for us to remember that we are all capable of being a Hero for people who may be trapped in these situations… No costumes or special powers needed…   image   Get to know the signs, spread the word, and be on the look out in your community and surrounding area. I bet you’d be shocked if you really knew everything that goes on right under your nose…

be safe y’all.. MUAH!


 The FBI rescued more than 105 kids ages 13-17 from sex-trafficking over the weekend here in the US!!!!

Yep! This was a cross country bust (the biggest of its kind in US History!) and 150 arrests were made in 76 cities!!

This is such an accomplishment for the movement and hopefully more of this will continue. It’s just so sad to think about all of these young children being trapped in a world of trafficking… being tortured and starved, raped, etc so someone else can get money! It’s ridiculous and it just baffles me that people are so caught up in making money that they are willing to do this to people. It baffles me at the sense of entitlement some people have over another HUMAN! Its SO common on websites like craigslist and backpage…. Really?! Is that where we are? Selling people online? Its not a good look AT ALL!  And not to mention the people that are spending money on it… smh… it’s just beyond me.  We need to start holding these types of websites accountable for this mess! 

imagesIt doesn’t stop there though… We have to hold ourselves accountable too! We can do more…

The assistant director of the FBI, Ronald Hosko, mentioned on the HLN network (I will put the link below) most of these children are from broken homes and are looking for love. Well, these people know how to identify that behavior in children so they twist their minds into thinking that this is love… this- trafficking, sex trafficking, torture, being trapped and beaten… is love? Before they know it it’s too late. It’s so easy for us to get it right before they go looking for it in different places… Make your family aware that these things are happening everyday right in YOUR neighborhood! Often too close for comfort!  And please don’t be one of those people that thinks they are invincible to this type of thing! Awareness is key! Show your family what love really is so that when someone comes there way with type of thinking immediately it’s shut down. People will try, but if we are knowledgeable about what love really is… or what caring really means- then it will go no further than that.

Please rejoice with me for the lives that have another chance… not just the children, but the pimps as well. Restoration is available for everyone.  If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or one of the numbers I list below. You can get out. You can stop. You have a real God given gift… use it! You might end up shocking yourself at some of the things you accomplish… its not too late! You can be restored. You can be free of all of it. FREE!

Here are a few numbers and websites to contact for help:



And here’s that link:


Have a wonderful day my loves!! Muah!

Through the eyes of Mr. Davis…

I cannot even begin to say how much this video has touched me… it has taken me a while to do this post because every time I get ready to write anything or every time I look at it I start back crying… Sharing this video is VERY needed so that those of us who are fortunate enough to do the things that many of us take for granted, can see a different point of view. I’m extremely passionate about ending homelessness so I’m not going to say nearly as much as I’m feeling but instead I will lett Mr Davis do the speaking and allow you to feel whatever you may feel. But I do want you to think about when the last time was you went out of your way to help someone in need. With a meal, a few dollars, or even a smile or hug because sometimes that’s all that’s needed. I know that I have been spared and been completely blessed to not be in this situation… not because of who I am but because of who God is. Think about it… It could be you or me just as easy as it is anyone else. We have no right to look down on anyone or base if we give or what we give on how they got in the situation. (Seriously!) Now of course, this post is about the people who really need help… I’m such a giving person that I had to ask God for discernment in these situations a LONG time ago because I would never want to be a enabler to someone who is just looking to fund their next high… But honestly, even drug addicts can be homeless, cold, wet, and hungry. If you’re not comfortable with giving money nothing is wrong with giving food, blankets, coats, and LOVE! These are the things we all need to survive regardless of race, religion, or status. We are all Human… and we can all make it if we help one another. So why not? Why leave anyone behind if we can all go? Let’s ALL get lifted…



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So… all of that was taken directly from the PINK House website because I have SO much to say about this program that I WOULD BE HERE ALL DAY!! : ) Seriously, this program is exactly what is needed for so many of our youth… its whats needed for our future!! As I’ve mentioned before, many of the problems in our society today come from simply not knowing any other way to do things. Well… this program is provding the perfect atmosphere and tools for young ladies to excel regardless of the everyday circumstances they may face I know theses ladies personally and I promise the program is Heaven sent! Please go to for more information and please support. Be apart of the Victory!!!!