Creative Gift Wrapping… Something for the procrastinators!


Hey guys!! It’s been a while (my apologies) but I just wanted to do a post about something that was fun and inspiring in a light hearted not so serious way… So here goes. On the eve of Christmas after all stores were closed and I was in for the night I realized the only wrapping paper I had left for my Godsons’ gifts was Disney Princesses? WHAT?! (OMG THE PROCRASTINATION IS REAL!!) There was no time for sulking so I had to get creative… My mom suggested I turn the paper to the opposite side but of course that was FAR too plain for me. I grabbed my handy Urban Outfitters Christmas Catalog, tore a page, grabbed some ribbon and quickly attached them to the wrapping paper. This was a total rush job since my family opened gifts a midnight this past Christmas but I will definitely be revisiting this idea! You can add glitter, ribbon, and all sorts of things to personalize the gift you’re giving and at little or no cost ESPECIALLY if you’re like me and have random crafts stored around the house. If not, it may initially be a few dollars but after a gift or two your money’s worth will definitely show! Look forward to seeing more post like this from me… So much of who I am is creating new things out of the old and unlikely! Muah!