Motivation for the week ahead…

Sometimes it can be so hard waiting for things to move and happen in our lives… And it can be so easy to assume that people are better off and thriving so much more in their lives than we are. But, we don’t know what they are going through or what they went through to get where they are!

God has provided a grace for our exact situation and with that grace comes the strength, patience, drive, etc to do things on a level that directly coincides with the Destiny he has given you. Let’s try to focus more on what we were given so that when we are faced with the opportunity to do Destiny work or the opportunity to live our Dreams we aren’t trying to carry them out by imitating the people around us that are operating in the grace God gave THEM. It won’t work! What God has given you is perfect for your Dreams and every thing, every idea inside of you just waiting to happen. Let’s finish this year off strong… walking in the unique grace God has placed on each of our lives.




Sober Saturday: War

Happy Sober Saturday!!

I am jumping back into Sober Saturday (It’s bi-weekly now) with a very transparent story about an experience that happened to me about a year ago. This experience was one of the scariest things that ever happened to me and though it wasn’t about an addiction to anything, it taught me soooo much about myself.  I had a difficult time recording this video and even now I’m nervous about posting it. I didn’t do a lot of editing AT ALL because trying to perfect it became a distraction from actually posting it and moving on. I’m ready to FULLY live in the freedom that comes from overcoming something and if that means getting it out then I’m up for it.

Here’s the story…



After visiting many Doctors in New Orleans and Ft Worth (really just to comfort my family, I already knew what it was) and after many, many tests nothing was found. I grew even more frustrated and thought of ALL the possibilities that could happen and that took my focus away from actually dealing with the situation. I’m someone who values things being done properly so all I could think was  “What am I doing wrong?” “What did I do to upset God?” “Why isn’t he helping me?”  But this was about me realizing the strength that God had ALREADY given me.

I was so devastated and broken because I’d never experienced anything like this. After losing confidence in my appearance and even my capabilities I cut all of my hair off (I wanted to see myself differently. I think that helped…) and I have strayed away from using my imagination so much. This was the first year since I started theater that I didn’t participate in any form of theater really AT ALL. I allowed this experience to become bigger than me. I had to realize who I was and what I’ve already done and what I’ve already overcome and then FIGHT for myself and my dreams. I had to get a lil cocky! Lol. I had to go to War and show Satan and myself that I’m strong enough to win and then, WIN! This wasn’t a pleasant experience by far but it allowed me to look at how I was dealing with it and realize that that is how I deal with most things. I allow my mind to take something and build on to it… I allow myself to make things bigger and treat them as though its real and true. (Apparently the eyeballs WEREN’T all over me… Lol.) As I stated in the video, the mind is a powerful thing. When you are convinced of something in your mind you begin to act as though it is fact. Your reaction, actions, your body, everything responds to what your mind tells it to.

This Sober Saturday isn’t about being Sober from any addiction but its about identifying a dysfunction in your behavior and correcting it. The war isn’t always going to be against Satan or someone else… on the worst days the person you are and the person you are supposed to become will have to fight. It’s tough work but its so worth it. This is a part of my journey… And the physical illness woke me up to allow myself to heal and grow spiritually. I cannot stand Satan but I’m glad that he brought the warfare because God turned it around to benefit me and has really taken me to a new level of living.

Do the work guys! And fight for yourself… God believes in you enough to keep you here and to put you on this earth for a purpose. If it’s good enough for him to believe in… out of EVERYONE ONE THE EARTH, he chose you… If he believes it, you are capable!

Thanks so much for sticking with me.

Sober Saturday is back in full effect so if you have something to share please don’t keep it to yourself. Someone is somewhere waiting to hear a story like yours to take them into the next level of living… DO IT! Email


Bee Behavior

Hello My Loves!! How are you? I’m fine… I’m sure you’re wondering what this post could possibly be about after reading the title. Lol. It’s okay… I’ll let you in on what “Bee Behavior” is or at least what it is pertaining to this post.

Okay so, the other day I was sitting somewhere looking out the window. I began to hear something tapping the window and quickly noticed that this something came with a buzz… It was a Bee.  I watched this Bee work himself (Yeah, it was a boy. Lol.) silly trying to get outside through the closed window. I mean… for a good 5 minutes this Bee was unstoppable!! He eventually drained himself so low that he sat on the window seal and gave up. I wanted to help him but I just got my first Bee sting a few weeks ago  and I ain’t trying to get another… But, something inside of me wanted him to find a way out.

I know this seems silly to some of you but my mind took off…


I began to think about how we as humans sometimes have “Bee Behavior”… I’ve been there before; Stuck in the same place or situation trying the SAME thing over and over and over until eventually I’m  so drained that I give up. Sometimes we see exactly where we want or even NEED to be and when we make up our minds that we will get it a certain way, that (and ONLY that) is how we go about trying to attain that thing or goal.

You have to be willing to switch up your tactics and plans sometimes or you’ll sacrifice the dream because of the journey. This doesn’t mean that sometimes you wont have to be diligent and consistently keep reaching and trying and doing whatever you can to attain something’s… It just simply means that if you’ve been working towards something that you haven’t quite gotten yet, you need to assess the something about the situation. If you’re studying and you’ve always used a highlighter for memory and you realize that is no longer working- make some flash cards. It’s okay to mix it up a little… Pass the test! Even in relationships people like to switch it up- going different places, trying different things… Don’t be afraid to MIX IT UP!! Be creative.

You are NOT a Bee!!



I want to start this off by saying that I am not exempt from going through things, having bad days, times where I doubt my whole existence or any of the regular problems we all have just because I have this inspirational blog. In fact, sometimes I feel that I go through more because I’ve allowed myself to be so transparent in hopes of inspiring someone… It’s just that I TRY my hardest to see a slither of Hope or something more than just a messed up situation when things happen.

So, with all that out the way- let’s dive into this question.

A question I’ve seen and heard many times before… What do you guys think? Is God just giving us what we ask for? I think the way people can sometimes view God is a BIG problem. A magician, a genie… Waiting to grant our wishes. Hmmm… Well, I think it’s more about the opportunity to show God and ourselves that we really do want and really can handle what we’ve asked for. As I said before, I am well acquainted with this question but lately it’s really stuck!

All my life I’ve dealt with being misunderstood but lately it’s been RIDICULOUS! Lol. I’ve been so frustrated (with myself mostly) because the things I do and say with pure thoughts are received as angry and sarcastic (among other things) Finally I broke. Completely. I prayed and I said “God what am I doing wrong…” ” Why are my intentions on the smallest things twisted?” “IM NOT AN ANGRY PERSON!!” Lol. Yes, I was upset. Lol. I said “God these are all the things I don’t want to be, these are all the things I just prayed my way out of… IM A HAPPY PERSON” And of course, almost immediately I felt something tugging at me saying “Prove It”

I realized that all of these things are happening so that I can prove myself.
Fine Jamie… You say you’re not sarcastic? Let’s see how you respond to this. You want you friendships/relationships to be better? Hmmm, here’s a stumbling block for you and your friend… We’ll see how real the friendship is. You say you’re patient now? Let’s see how you handle the things you desire taking A LOT longer than you expect. Oh really… You’re not angry? Let’s see if this doesn’t make you flip.
Yep! That’s been my life lately…

Now, I will say I’ve come a LOOOONG way from where I was but I’ve still got a lot to do. All of these things coming at me are my opportunity to grow and improve and to show people that I really am a different person. You really do have to be careful what you ask for. IF it lines up with God’s will he will likely give it to you but it won’t be without work!!

Are you REALLY ready for what you’ve asked for? I guess the real question is are you really ready to do what it takes to get what you’ve asked for? Don’t give up on your dreams, friendships, happiness and improving yourself just because problems keep being thrown your way. The fact the you’ve even been given the opportunity to show your growth says a lot! Take full advantage of these opportunities God is giving you. And even if you don’t get it exactly right the first time or two or six… Get better each time. Grow a little everyday!

I’m not where I used to be. But if I can’t showcase that when things happen no one will know but me. That will cause MORE problems because now I’ll have to defend myself and my growth. No… I’d rather take a different route. It’ll be hard but I’m going to seize EVERY opportunity I get and in turn I won’t have to announce my improvements because instead they’ll be seen.

MUAH!! I love my followers! I really do. Thanks for listening…

Faith has no reverse!!

Faith has no reverse!!

You don’t have to see air to breathe it… you don’t know if the road is going to cave in before you but you keep driving… if you’ve got hopes/dreams/wants/needs and you’re working SO hard but don’t see anything happening- KEEP GOING! Your dreams could be on the other side of the hill! It may take strength you never knew you had, you may cry tears you never knew you would but KEEP CLIMBING! DONT LOOK BACK! Faith beats fear ANY day…

Just a reminder…

“Dear God, I’ve tried my best but if today I lose my hope please tell me that your plans are better than my dreams…”

I saw this quote somewhere last week and it has really stuck with me… just a quick reminder… if your dreams aren’t unfolding the way you thought they would, don’t trip… his plans are waaay better than anything you could dream for yourself. HAPPY SUNDAY!!