the Now & Later Effect

the Now & Later Effect is a Non Profit organization that was born out of my desire to see a change in the lives of the less fortunate people I encounter time and time again.

I’ve always been concerned about how and/or what the less fortunate eat and where they go when it’s raining or freezing cold OR extremely hot. It’s always been something that is dear to my heart… But if you’ve read the story of how my Dad was removed from my Grandmothers home when I was younger, then you know it became very real for me very quickly. (Click here to read) When he was out there and I was praying for something, anything to happen for him to get off the street all of the big things that we don’t even usually concern ourselves with were at the forefront of my mind. “Where would he go? Was he eating? What was he eating?  Was he too cold? Was he getting sick? Were people mean to him? Was he okay?  Was he doing drugs? Did he need me?…” I’m so happy that God came in and changed that situation for my Daddy, but every time I see someone homeless or struggling with addiction or maybe a little mentally ill, all of these same thoughts come to mind. Whose going to help them?This is what keeps me up at night when it’s so cold that your fingers and toes freeze just on the way to the car. I have to fight back tears when there’s a storm not because I’m afraid of a little thunder and lightning from inside my home, but because I know someone is sleeping outside in it.

So, I had to ask myself what I could do to help.  I had already identified that I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of just providing food for someone and not giving them something that could help them change their circumstances. A temporary fix that would leave them with a full tummy but the same feelings of having an empty, hopeless life. Well after many, many conversations with myself and much thought, the Now & Later Effect is what I came up with. We go out to the streets and feed the homeless but we don’t stop there. We give them a  hot meal for “Now” as well as resources for employment, drug rehabilitation, medical and dental care, and a meal, etc. for “Later.” We don’t want to just feed tummies… We’re feeding hope.  This is life work. Soul work. Something that will stick!

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The Mission of the Now & Later Effect is to help end homelessness by providing the less fortunate with the necessary resources to acquire and maintain personal and financial growth, self sufficiency, an increased awareness of their self worth, and the high quality of life that can boost our economy.

If you’d like to participate in any Upcoming Events or to discuss any Sponsorship and/or Partnership opportunities please email me at

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