Friends with Purpose

The word friend can be used so loosely sometimes so some may not understand this… But, if your “friends” are true friends you want to hold on to them. “Friends with Purpose” is about doing what it takes to make sure your friendship is purposeful… Girls nights, book clubs, traveling, volunteering, and most definitely praying among many other things. We will soon be hosting events and all that jazz but for now feel free to join in on one or many of our initiatives to help the world and continue to nurture true friendships.



Flint Water Crisis Fundraiser

We are outraged by this crisis AND the fact that this was a decision by elected officials. The disregard for the health and well being of so many people is saddening and heartbreaking. Of course, something has to be done. And while we are aware that many celebrities are doing fundraisers and funds have been allocated by our President, Mr. Obama, we are doing our part! To join in our efforts please head over to PayPal and when making a donation specify “Water for Flint” in the notes or comments section. Thanks so much! We too often take things like water for granted and your contribution will definitely be a great expression of your gratitude.

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Prayer and the City

Follow us on all Social Media platforms to be the first to know about the next call. Prayer is a way to make God the foundation… it is something that is a necessity in friendships and the call is definitely something that you don’t want to miss!!