Fresh Kids Dream Big- Dre

A while back I shared an idea with you guys that really just came to me because of the new man in my life… Here he is again.

Handsome huh?

#FreshKidsDreamBig was born because this little guy (Dre) is always getting compliments on his style and mannerisms (like the hands in his pocket- His own doing!) EVERY where we go and in addition to me sharing that with you, I wanted to give you a chance to share your little stylish dreamer with me! All you need is a nice picture… clear and clean background with details on where the clothes were purchased. Here is how it’s done, again…

photo 3photo 1 (1)

Shirt- Walmart

Jeans- Levi’s

Shoes- Gap

Sweater- H&M

photo 1

Here’s a picture of him with the sweater on… It’s getting cool outside.

As you can see, we don’t discriminate on where we purchase clothes from as long as the quality is there and he’s comfortable.

So… do you have a little one that you want to share? Email your pictures and details to and I’ll email you before the post goes up…

Can’t wait to see all the cute and handsome little dreamers.

Piper and Jedelia

In case you don’t already know all weekend I’ll be sharing pictures of the frames I’m trying out from Warby Parker AND I’ll be showing you some cute, Summer fashion (before it creeps away) along with it. Today is Day 2 and I have to say, I think it’s my favorite!

 Details are below…


The frames are called Piper and were my favorite of my 5 day Home Try-on Program from Warby Parker. I love them! They are actually the same frames from my previous post but the all black just took it “there” for me.

Turban (2)

The blazer and tank top are from Forever21

The skirt is from H&M

  The shoes are from JustFab and are called Jedelia.(This weekend I’m also showing how they can be styled 3 different ways.)

The bag was thrifted YEARS ago and honestly I cant even remember what state I was in… Lol.

Turban (4)

  I hope you like this look and I’m so excited to be showing Fashion on the blog again. Tomorrow will be the last of this series but look forward to more fun posts from me as well as some street fashion, kid fashion, and features from other bloggers.

Spring has Sprung OOTD


Spring is finally here!! Here’s my first OOTD of the season…




I hope you guys like this look… It was so comfy and cute. I was actually told by an artist “You look like something I would paint… You look like a painting”… She was SO sweet! Thankfully, before I left for my night out I had already filmed this vid.

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A Night Out OOTD/Look

Hey guys!! New video… Check it out and let me know what you think! MUAH



All of the details for this look are included in the video. Go ahead and press play…



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Holiday Style

Hello my loves!! The Holidays are a special time of year… it’s the time when most families really bond together as one and Celebrate the birth of Jesus but there are SO many different things to do in preparation. If you’re running from the mall to meetings to holiday parties don’t let your lifestyle compromise your style… In this video you can check out how I wore 1 blazer 4 ways for 4 completely different lifestyles… Check it out!


As promised, here are the details!!


The Red Blazer that is used in all 4 looks in from a Thrift Shop named “Never met Her” here in New Orleans


Look Number 1

A plain white tee- the one pictured is from H&M but obviously can be purchased anywhere…

Distressed denim shorts- these shirts began as pants and were distressed by yours truly… They are from Forever21 (A good place to get jeans to distress because they are inexpensive but don’t feel cheap)

Gold Owl necklace- Forever21


Look Number 2

Everything except the blazer and boots is from H&M


Look Number 3

The Jumper worn here is from Target

and I have no clue where the necklace is from (sorry) it’s my bff’s! Lol


Look Number 4

the Navy blue & Hunter green plaid shirt was purchased at GAP yeeeaaarrsss ago

the jeans are from Urban Outfitters; and

the Gold chain necklace is from Forever21

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Thanks so much! MUAH

Walks, talks, inspiration, & an OOTD… A day with me.

Hello! I’ve been super busy with SUPER exciting things but I have managed to FINALLY put together a 3 part post that I filmed about 2 weeks ago.

First up is some randomness straight from my mind as I walk. I’m sure I got some crazy stares but sometimes I have thoughts or even conversations with myself (no shame here! Lol) that I know others may be able to benefit from and since inspiration and growth are the main goal here- I don’t mind looking crazy if something positive will be gained. Here goes…

No more hindering growth! It’s so easy to become comfortable or “stuck in your ways” but let’s try to challenge ourselves and create growth. It’s so worth it!

So, while I was recording that I was strolling through the French Quarter on my way to an AWESOME experience I invited myself to and was welcomed with open arms… Most of the scenario is explained in the vid but I will say that I was SO excited! It’s great when you feel like you’re in a place where God wants you to be and I can say that about this entire experience!  It was great! And everyone I crossed paths with due to this was a blessing in my life that day. Watch, enjoy, and hopefully you’ll gain something from it…

I had such an amazing time that morning!! I hope you enjoyed it as well but trust me this lil 8 minute video isn’t nearly as great as it was to have been there! Your scars can really serve as a testimony if you allow God to use you the way he wants to… The suffering and pain you go through would all be in vain if you don’t expose how you came out victorious… Now, of course everything ain’t for everybody to know… Some people are just being nosy or messy or may even try to use your scars and your past against you so pray for discernment and God will let you know what to share with who and if the information will be helpful to them.

Lastly… I decided to go ahead and do an OOTD… Since it was SO hot outside and we were a few weeks into fall I included this vid in my series “Summer, Where you goin?” It’s very, VERY simple but I hope you’ll check it out anyway and let me know what you think…

I told you it was simple! Here are the details tho…

* the TANK TOP is from a 5 pack of Hanes Ribbed Cotton Tanks : )

* the SHORTS began life as pants and are from Forever21

* the PLAID SHIRT is from Urban Outfitters… It’s by BDG

* the necklace is from H&M, ring is Forever21, and the bracelet was a gift!

*and the shoes… MY FAVORITE SHOES… are Chucks from Urban Outfitters.

And yes, I am responsible for the art work all over them. Lol


Simplicity is almost on its way out the door because the breeze is getting a little cooler everyday and I cant wait to do some fun Fall OOTD’s! Stay tuned…

Thanks so much for watching my videos!! I really appreciate it…. Feel free to comment. MUAH!

Summer, where you goin?

Summertime is technically over, but here in New Orleans we’ve got a few more days of Summer weather before we can pull out the scarves, hats, and boots without looking cray cray. My last few Summer outfits will be documented in a series and the video below is the first to come. Enjoy!

As mentioned in the vid, in the Fall I LIVE for accessories! Bags, boots, scarves, hats, gloves are what I’m all about when Fall hits but for Summer I like to keep it simple. I rarely have a bag or even any accessories… This is an uber simple Summer look that anyone- any shape, size, or age can easily pull off.
Here are the deets:
Gray and White striped tank- Urban Outfitters
BDG High Waist jeans- Urban Outfitters
Vines ring and bracelet- Forever21
Sandals-Urban Outfitters
Hope you like the look!! There’s more to come so stay tuned… MUAH!

Black Panther with Sex Appeal & a random bike OOTD


Hello! I hope all is well with all of you…

My Birthday is about a week away, and in addition to ALL of the celebrating

I plan on doing for my own bday, I know about a million people who are August babies!!

There are parties and bday dinners left and right so I’m sure there will be many opportunities for OOTD’s! Stay tuned because I’ve never really celebrated my bday but this year I’m seizing the moment and TRUST I will look cute while I do it!

I’m on my way to a dinner here… Showing a little leg and having mucho fun…. Check it out below!

My best friend kept saying I looked like a Black Panther at the top 1/2 of my body and a little sex appeal added with the shoes! Lol! What do you think?


Here I am walking across Royal St in the French Quarter…

The top is from Forever21, the shorts were originally pants that I cut and cuffed myself… I purchased them a while ago at TJ MAXX and the heels are Kristen Cavallari for Chinese Laundry.


The bracelet I’m wearing was purchased at H&M  and other than the lime green nail polish I purchased at Urban Outfitters that is SO appropriately called  “Slime”, and my “African Violet” lipstick by Black Radiance- Thats it for this look!

I wanna give a special shot out to the person that owns the bike…

Thanks for not coming out and seeing my photo op on your vehicle… You’re awesome and your bike is comfy!


Have a wonderful day loves… MUAH!!

Casual Sunday OOTD

Hello My loves!! As promised, I’m trying my hardest to remember to post OOTD pics when I wear the things featured in my haul video!


This was just yesterday… Headed out to Church and the beginning of a very exciting, very EXHAUSTING family day.


As mentioned in the video (VISIT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE!!) the shirt is Forever 21, the shoes are Zara, and although they weren’t featured in the vid, I got these fabulous jeans from Urban Outfitters. The shoes weren’t as comfy as they could have been because of the ankle strap so it will definitely take a few times to break them in. Here are some other views…


As you can see (and I’m actually just realizing) I have ZERO accessories on but then again, my bible did match my shoes and that smile I’m wearing is something serious! Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments and if you’re not already following go ahead and make it happen! Good day Hun…

You asked for it!

Hello my loves!! In response to the numbers from the poll I took on “what would like to be seen more” a few weeks ago I will be doing more videos!! Yep! Videos came in 2nd to sex trafficking! Its really nice to know that people want to gain knowledge on such a serious issue… one of the many that is dear to me!

Please stay tuned because I’ve got so many good ideas for posts regarding sex trafficking, inspiration in general, and a few fun ideas for videos. This one will be the first of many… My FIRST haul video! Watch, enjoy, and do me a HUGE favor and hit the subscribe button if you like what you see. MUAH, good day…