Hey y’all

TBT: I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted/drained today 😩 But seeing this pic made me smile… 😍I’m doing exactly what I feel my purpose in Dre’s (and many others) life is on this pic… Exposing him to different things. Cultures, places, cuisine, places, mindset, etc. Just DIFFERENT period. I’m trying to get back to myself or maybe a totally different version of myself… 💁🏽‍♀️ and when I do everything I have coming is going to be so amazing. Trust! Gotta make it through today though… 😒 

I have not forgotten about y’all. Thanks so much for sticking with me!! I promise I won’t disappoint you…


Lessons from a seashell


I found this shell while we were walking today…


Of all the things, big beautiful trees and AMAZING homes,  my vision zeroed in on this. I continued walking but immediately began to think how this little sea shell was so far from the water. I thought about all it must’ve gone through to make it from the water down a bustling street like Esplanade near aand how many times it must’ve seemed it was going to be crushed or broken beyond repair being out of its normal environment.

Have you ever felt like that?

Like you wouldn’t make it being off of the road that always seemed like you were created for…

I turned back and walked the block to get the shell. I knew I had to have it…  It was somehow, more special because of how far off of its path it was yet it wasn’t destroyed. I was attracted to it not because it was a seashell  because there are plenty washing up on the shore, but because it was still whole outside of an environment where shells usually “survive” Sometimes the things you go through and the places you end up that are off of the original plan make your value increase all the more. And I know it’s crazy… Because usually the value of something decreases after it’s been around a block or two. But we’ll look at it like your situation is a vintage piece… Something that’s value has increased BECAUSE of the things it’s gone through and the character those things have added.

 If you’re going through something or it seems like your bright days are being clouded with rain and you’re being washed, carried, thrown down roads you never thought you would go remember that  in itself may be what increases the value of your story. Remember my shell. And when you grow unsure of your purpose just continue to be you… used, broken, healed, traveled,  etc.  These things, how you carried on despite the negatives, and the fact that you don’t look like what you’ve been through will inspire someone else to keep it moving.

Giving Tuesday!!

Good Morning, Loves! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and your weekend… Today is Giving Tuesday!! I have expressed my love for serving the less fortunate under the tab labeled “the Now & Later Effect” and I’m hoping that today will be the day you make a donation to this cause. For donations ranging from $5-$50 please visit shopjamiedreamsBIG.com or donate in any amount here. And if you would like to volunteer your time or services in any city please email me at jamiedreamsbig@gmail.com.

Thank You so much! I really appreciate it!

The time to live is NOW!!

Lately I have been in a slump… I find myself not being as happy as I could and/or should be because I’m so focused on my plans and goals and dreams. So focused that instead of enjoying all of the things I have been blessed with, I’m trying to figure out what I can do to make it better. And nothing is wrong with wanting to be better in every way. But when it becomes a distraction from living in the moment, something has to change.

Yesterday I was passing a Walmart on a very busy road, very busy intersection and I saw a man crossing the street very slow, cautious, and maybe a bit nervous. He was blind. When I realized that he was blind ALL of my anxiety about my life shriveled to pieces. This man, this blind man, hadn’t allowed something as serious as losing his vision to keep him from enjoying taking a simple stroll to wherever he may have been going. And as I slowed down to let him cross in front of me I saw the happiness on his face…  I felt God showing me that no matter how difficult life is sometimes, there is always something to be enjoyed. I realized in that exact moment that the time to live is NOW!

Get out and LIVE!Be purposeful! Enjoy your life and don’t become so focused on the hills and low valleys that you miss the journey all together. The trials are inevitable… but so are the victories!! Keep living life, Boo! Everything is going to work out fine…


“The picture of Happiness I have in my mind isn’t about being in New York or even necessarily fulfilling my dreams. It’s about doing everything I can to obtain the level of Happiness I know God wants me to have and feeling his presence on this journey with me even when things aren’t perfect.”

That quote came straight from my heart during the writing process of a book I am so blessed to have been a contributing author for. Those words… my feelings, came through a pen directly from my soul shortly after relocating back to NY. Nothing, absolutely nothing, went as planned and Dre and I faced some difficult times. While sitting in a hotel room pondering our next move I realized that though this wasnt a part of my planned it was indeed part of a larger plan that God had for my life. The peace I felt is unexplainable but it is what caused me to further understand that no matter how bad things are going, God has a way of showing you that you are exactly where you need to be. (My full revelation is in the book! It gets goooood!)


So, I know sometimes you may feel like you’re doing all you can to obtain the goals you have (AND doing it the right way) and still things just dont seem to go as planned. Keep going… You have to keep moving forward! The struggles and hardships you may run into will make you stronger for the road ahead and will likely make a lot more sense in hindsight. We have to become comfortable with our plan while ackowledging that it is still a part of a bigger plan God has for us. Looking back on so many things and seeing the connection to my purpose is almost mind boggling sometimes and it honestly makes me laugh at myself for ever worrying.  Your time is coming! Keep being purposeful! Keep showing up and doing what is on your heart to be done… It is not in vain.

It will all be worth it…


“Passion. Prayer. Purpose. A collection of stories to help any woman Design+Her+Life” is the name of the book and it’s available now on shopjamiedreamsBIG.com. You don’t want to miss out on this… Trust me!

Confused by Darkness…

Good Morning Ya’ll! I hope all of you have been well… I’ve been good. I have been busy but the blog has been on my mind constantly and I wanted to drop in to share something that I’ve learned and have been becoming more acquainted and comfortable with lately.

There’s this idea about the perception we have about the darkness we sometimes find ourselves in… Sometimes we find ourselves in a dark place… A place we feel we cant do anything right and no matter what we do, we find ourselves right back in the same place… Tired of going around in circles and frustrated with starting over. Darkness. Not knowing where to begin. Darkness. Struggling to pay bills. Darkness. Feeling alone. Darkness. Being the “only one” who deals with the kind of situations you are faced with on a very regular basis. Man…. I’ve been there. But what if I told you that something as simple as the way you perceive the darkness could completely change how you move forward and ultimately help you change your life?


FullSizeRender (4)


I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase “Perception is reality” many times or maybe even “As a Man thinketh, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). And this couldn’t be more true! When you think something your mind literally begins responding by creating a reaction/action in your body to accommodate that thought. Our brains are set up to work that way… I think we are most acquainted with this idea in negative terms but it is absolutely true for the positives as well! If we can begin to restructure the way we think about our struggles and challenges then we will always be victorious.

So… you lost your job?   Unexpected health problems? Or maybe someone you thought would always be a part of your life just walked away… You can get through it! You WILL get through it!! This can actually be your opportunity to step into the career you’ve always wanted or meet that person that truly loves and adores you. And that health scare can be used to push you into a healthier life and inspire others to do the same… We (and yes, I said WE because it’s something I’m working on as well) have to change our thinking about these situations and constantly remind ourselves that sometimes the dirt that is covering us is really fertilizer and  WITH THE RIGHT TREATMENT we can grow out of the darkness. You can fertilize a seed and hope it grows nice and pretty but without the right amount of sunshine, water, and even the dirt that you initially used to cover it, without the right treatment- It won’t grow! Let’s change our perspective and allow it to nurture the circumstances instead of focusing on them so much that we cant get past them. Light is directly on the other side of darkness and we will get there… But we gotta keep moving.


Good Morning Everyone!

Yes, I am one of those people… A Morning Person! Lol! “I ain’t sorry…”

Can we talk relationships today? Okay. Cool…

Relationships.  Hmm… Just being completely transparent and honest I’ll tell you that I have very little relationship history because I have a problem with trust (and other stuff… we’ll talk about that another time) but something that I have found in relationships with people period is that it is very easy to feel like you have to constantly bring something new to the relationship. I feel like with some people, they almost get bored if nothing new is being offered. I feel like sometimes there is a steady flow of the implied “I did this for you…” to go along with the implied “Now what can you do for me?!” or “What have you done for me?” And if that thing isn’t provided when they feel like it, then people feel like they are being taken advantage of or in an unfair situation. It’s not something that is even always said and it could even be something that I do internally… “How can I pay them back for that great thing” or “I guess I should be willing to do this for him, He’s done this for me…” sort of thing…

Well, this morning God got me right together. I found myself stalling to pray… I could feel the presence of the Lord and like someone that squeezes their way around you in the bathroom to brush their teeth or in the kitchen while making breakfast without ever making eye contact or saying anything to acknowledge your presence, I ignored him. When I realized what I was doing and began to pray I felt God say to me “I’m not them… You don’t have to try to give me anything you don’t have outside of this moment… all I want is your praise and worship… all I want is for you to use the gifts I’ve given you… all I want is your obedience… all I want now is all I’ve ever wanted…”

I’m getting a little teary eyed because He’s SO good… but let me encourage you today, If you are becoming stagnant in your relationship with God because of the lack of something new and different you can provide it’s a waste of time. If you are waiting to become the one unique girl/boy/woman/man that catches his eye… Get out of your head! He already loves you in that special way. God is Holy… a relationship with Him does not come with all of the human stipulations some of us have been exposed to and he genuinely wants you! Yes, growth is required. Yes, sacrifice is required. Yes, sometimes you will be uncomfortable because of the places and opportunities your’e being molded for… But nothing outside of what you are currently capable of will be expected. And it’s not a tit for tat! All he wants is all of you… You are enough!



The Leap

Leo season is early this year!!

Okay, okay… Of course I’m joking… Lol.

I guess we as Leos will have to wait our turn but that doesn’t change the fact that I absolutely LOVE Lions. Lol. Aren’t they amazing? I love the respect they demand without even trying, the power and strength they possess, and the confidence they exude. It’s sexy! Lol. So anyway, when I saw this picture I immediately knew it was something I liked… but I looked a little deeper and realized that it wasn’t only the Lion I was attracted to, but I identified with the symbolism in its actions. Leaving something behind in search of MORE… and not necessarily knowing what awaits you on the other side, but finding the strength to jump over anyway and be ready for WHATEVER!

FullSizeRender (12)

Have you ever been there? Mid leap? Not knowing what lies ahead but being certain that you couldn’t stay where you are… Knowing you deserve more and being willing to sacrifice knowing what your next steps would be to figure it out along the way and WIN!…  Listen y’all… The leap is necessary!! The faith that takes you from surviving to thriving is SO NECESSARY!!! It will prepare you for your leap and help you realize that everything you really need for the journey- you already have!

So I don’t know what it is for you… A bad relationship, a terrible job, wanting to lose weight, wanting to be more committed to building your business… You can do it! But not without the leap… I know you don’t know what you’ll be greeted with on the other side but you’re ready for it! You made it this far… It’s time let hunger for more motivate the jump. See you on the other side of the river… Muah

Friends with Purpose

Hey My Loves! There’s a new tab here on jamiedreamsbig.com and it’s all about doing what it takes to maintain friendships. The word friend can be used so loosely sometimes so some may not understand this… But, if your “friends” are true friends you want to hold on to them. “Friends with Purpose” is about doing what it takes to make sure your friendship is purposeful… Girls nights, book clubs, traveling, volunteering, and most definitely praying among many other things. We will soon be hosting events and all that jazz but for now feel free to join in on one or many of our initiatives to help the world and continue to nurture true friendships


Some of you may be familiar with our prayer call “Prayer and the City” a spin off of “Sex and the City” where we still have all the regular girl talk that is necessary but we also engage in prayer for our friendships and about some of the struggles that sometimes arise. Make sure you’re following our Social Media accounts so you’ll know when the next call is…

Our next initiative is EXTREMELY important. We are absolutely outraged by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan and definitely want to join in the efforts to get some clean water to these families. All week we will be taking donations!! If you want to help out but want to make sure that the help is received and is received in a timely matter you can absolutely trust that we will be getting them this water.

To join in our efforts please head over to PayPal by pressing the button below and when making a donation specify “Water for Flint” in the notes or comments section.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Thanks so much! We too often take things like water for granted and your contribution will definitely be a great expression of your gratitude.



There’s something wrong with your “Happy”…

Good Morning Loves!

Oh… and, Happy Monday!

Some of you may be looking at the title wondering “What could this possibly be about…” Lol…


I have a question for you…..

How happy are you if it only takes something extremely small or minor to deflate that happiness? Yes YOU! The one whose morning is ruined because someone cut you off on the interstate… You too Mr. “I left my phone at home…” And even the one that is mad simply because “It’s Monday” Lol. I understand! But, there are honestly bigger problems in life…

There’s something wrong with your happy, Honey… The biggest problem perhaps, is that it’s not JOY!

Joy isn’t temporary… It isn’t based on outward circumstances but instead focuses on things like spiritual experiences, caring for others, gratitude, peace, and thankfulness.  So today and everyday following let’s try to build our emotions and/or feelings on something more solid than how people treat us, how work is, OR what day it is. Find some Joy, protect it, and enjoy life! And Mondays… Lol.

I Love You.