Walks, talks, inspiration, & an OOTD… A day with me.

Hello! I’ve been super busy with SUPER exciting things but I have managed to FINALLY put together a 3 part post that I filmed about 2 weeks ago.

First up is some randomness straight from my mind as I walk. I’m sure I got some crazy stares but sometimes I have thoughts or even conversations with myself (no shame here! Lol) that I know others may be able to benefit from and since inspiration and growth are the main goal here- I don’t mind looking crazy if something positive will be gained. Here goes…

No more hindering growth! It’s so easy to become comfortable or “stuck in your ways” but let’s try to challenge ourselves and create growth. It’s so worth it!

So, while I was recording that I was strolling through the French Quarter on my way to an AWESOME experience I invited myself to and was welcomed with open arms… Most of the scenario is explained in the vid but I will say that I was SO excited! It’s great when you feel like you’re in a place where God wants you to be and I can say that about this entire experience!  It was great! And everyone I crossed paths with due to this was a blessing in my life that day. Watch, enjoy, and hopefully you’ll gain something from it…

I had such an amazing time that morning!! I hope you enjoyed it as well but trust me this lil 8 minute video isn’t nearly as great as it was to have been there! Your scars can really serve as a testimony if you allow God to use you the way he wants to… The suffering and pain you go through would all be in vain if you don’t expose how you came out victorious… Now, of course everything ain’t for everybody to know… Some people are just being nosy or messy or may even try to use your scars and your past against you so pray for discernment and God will let you know what to share with who and if the information will be helpful to them.

Lastly… I decided to go ahead and do an OOTD… Since it was SO hot outside and we were a few weeks into fall I included this vid in my series “Summer, Where you goin?” It’s very, VERY simple but I hope you’ll check it out anyway and let me know what you think…

I told you it was simple! Here are the details tho…

* the TANK TOP is from a 5 pack of Hanes Ribbed Cotton Tanks : )

* the SHORTS began life as pants and are from Forever21

* the PLAID SHIRT is from Urban Outfitters… It’s by BDG

* the necklace is from H&M, ring is Forever21, and the bracelet was a gift!

*and the shoes… MY FAVORITE SHOES… are Chucks from Urban Outfitters.

And yes, I am responsible for the art work all over them. Lol


Simplicity is almost on its way out the door because the breeze is getting a little cooler everyday and I cant wait to do some fun Fall OOTD’s! Stay tuned…

Thanks so much for watching my videos!! I really appreciate it…. Feel free to comment. MUAH!

Summer, where you goin?

Summertime is technically over, but here in New Orleans we’ve got a few more days of Summer weather before we can pull out the scarves, hats, and boots without looking cray cray. My last few Summer outfits will be documented in a series and the video below is the first to come. Enjoy!

As mentioned in the vid, in the Fall I LIVE for accessories! Bags, boots, scarves, hats, gloves are what I’m all about when Fall hits but for Summer I like to keep it simple. I rarely have a bag or even any accessories… This is an uber simple Summer look that anyone- any shape, size, or age can easily pull off.
Here are the deets:
Gray and White striped tank- Urban Outfitters
BDG High Waist jeans- Urban Outfitters
Vines ring and bracelet- Forever21
Sandals-Urban Outfitters
Hope you like the look!! There’s more to come so stay tuned… MUAH!

Time to talk…

Hello!! I hope all of you are well… okay so, last week I made a video geared towards the youth but really for everyone… I  posted it to my YouTube channel (jamiedreamsbig) and I wanted to share it with you. It’s one of those type of pull your friend on the side conversations about self worth and I REALLY think this conversation needs to be opened up for discussion. I have literally been disgusted just thinking about the lack of self worth people are walking around with… And the things people do to gain attention and “love” not fully understanding that some attention just isn’t worth having and the type of things love requires would never include belittling yourself for someone’s enjoyment. Please watch, share, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


So… What do YOU think? To comment click the title and that will take you to a page with this post alone. From there just scroll to the bottom and comment!

Tuesday Morning Reflections…

Hello Beautiful people… Well, as you can tell from the date- what you just read was a post I did nearly a year ago. I am a note taker… To the fullest! I take notes in classes, in my bible during church, even while I’m reading books and plays I keep a pencil with me to circle ideas and jot down questions or random ideas. And as i have confessed before, I LOVE buying cards!! The idea of writing down my feelings at a certain time and giving them to someone is golden to me… but the best part of notes isn’t necessarily what you immediately gain. It’s when you find a note, card, or random quote that you wrote a while ago and you’re able to presently identify with those feelings and get through them because of something that was thought or purchased long ago. I LOVE that!! I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this happen and I feel like maybe some of these things can help someone else so, I’m going to start posting these reflections. The first of many was posted on this blog nearly a year ago… Its short and sweet but will always hold some truth.


Everyone will have their own way of dealing with things but the important thing is to not let someone else’s addiction weigh you down so much to the point that you’re going crazy yourself!! It’s so hard to show tough love sometimes and ignore the name calling and fights that in most cases are sure to come but it’s so worth it. TRUST ME! If they aren’t ready to change then you will have to be the one to take the higher road… Create a change that allows you to still love them but that also isn’t going to put you in the fire. When you’re constantly being hurt by lies and manipulation it’s hard to think about it but addicts go through a lot too! Especially the addict that WANTS to be clean but is truly struggling with the illness. Just think about the guilt it causes when this drug or thing has taken over your life to the point that you’re stealing and lying and doing so many things that you don’t want to for a drug you don’t even really want but your body now NEEDS! It tough… Until the addict is REALLY ready to change a lot of what you say will likely go over their head but continue to encourage them and pray for discernment on when to say something and what to say. When you don’t have the words to speak God will give you what to say… And when you do have a few choice words that won’t help the situation AT ALL (been there, TRUST ME! Lol) God wont let it get past being a thought.  It will all work out in time… But until then don’t be afraid to make some changes and be happy with life!! Your change may be what finally pulls them through… HUGS AND LOVE, JNB

Black Panther with Sex Appeal & a random bike OOTD


Hello! I hope all is well with all of you…

My Birthday is about a week away, and in addition to ALL of the celebrating

I plan on doing for my own bday, I know about a million people who are August babies!!

There are parties and bday dinners left and right so I’m sure there will be many opportunities for OOTD’s! Stay tuned because I’ve never really celebrated my bday but this year I’m seizing the moment and TRUST I will look cute while I do it!

I’m on my way to a dinner here… Showing a little leg and having mucho fun…. Check it out below!

My best friend kept saying I looked like a Black Panther at the top 1/2 of my body and a little sex appeal added with the shoes! Lol! What do you think?


Here I am walking across Royal St in the French Quarter…

The top is from Forever21, the shorts were originally pants that I cut and cuffed myself… I purchased them a while ago at TJ MAXX and the heels are Kristen Cavallari for Chinese Laundry.


The bracelet I’m wearing was purchased at H&M  and other than the lime green nail polish I purchased at Urban Outfitters that is SO appropriately called  “Slime”, and my “African Violet” lipstick by Black Radiance- Thats it for this look!

I wanna give a special shot out to the person that owns the bike…

Thanks for not coming out and seeing my photo op on your vehicle… You’re awesome and your bike is comfy!


Have a wonderful day loves… MUAH!!


 The FBI rescued more than 105 kids ages 13-17 from sex-trafficking over the weekend here in the US!!!!

Yep! This was a cross country bust (the biggest of its kind in US History!) and 150 arrests were made in 76 cities!!

This is such an accomplishment for the movement and hopefully more of this will continue. It’s just so sad to think about all of these young children being trapped in a world of trafficking… being tortured and starved, raped, etc so someone else can get money! It’s ridiculous and it just baffles me that people are so caught up in making money that they are willing to do this to people. It baffles me at the sense of entitlement some people have over another HUMAN! Its SO common on websites like craigslist and backpage…. Really?! Is that where we are? Selling people online? Its not a good look AT ALL!  And not to mention the people that are spending money on it… smh… it’s just beyond me.  We need to start holding these types of websites accountable for this mess! 

imagesIt doesn’t stop there though… We have to hold ourselves accountable too! We can do more…

The assistant director of the FBI, Ronald Hosko, mentioned on the HLN network (I will put the link below) most of these children are from broken homes and are looking for love. Well, these people know how to identify that behavior in children so they twist their minds into thinking that this is love… this- trafficking, sex trafficking, torture, being trapped and beaten… is love? Before they know it it’s too late. It’s so easy for us to get it right before they go looking for it in different places… Make your family aware that these things are happening everyday right in YOUR neighborhood! Often too close for comfort!  And please don’t be one of those people that thinks they are invincible to this type of thing! Awareness is key! Show your family what love really is so that when someone comes there way with type of thinking immediately it’s shut down. People will try, but if we are knowledgeable about what love really is… or what caring really means- then it will go no further than that.

Please rejoice with me for the lives that have another chance… not just the children, but the pimps as well. Restoration is available for everyone.  If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or one of the numbers I list below. You can get out. You can stop. You have a real God given gift… use it! You might end up shocking yourself at some of the things you accomplish… its not too late! You can be restored. You can be free of all of it. FREE!

Here are a few numbers and websites to contact for help:







And here’s that link:


Have a wonderful day my loves!! Muah!

No more tomorrows…



Hey guys! It’s been a while…

If you’re like me you’re a busy person… Always trying to figure out a better way to juggle ALL of the things you want to do. Happy dreaming your dreams but more happy when you see yourself accomplish things. I just want to encourage you today… You may have days that you are tired, worn out, discouraged, etc…

Trust me I feel you!

Keep moving! Keep pushing! Keep reaching! We are equipped with everything we need to make the desires of our hearts come true. (Even the secret desires) God hears you when you pray and even when you think! No secrets hunny! Lol. He will give you the strength, the drive, dedication, finances, ride across town, or WHATEVER you need. Stay encouraged even if you have to encourage yourself and stay on track to your goals. ESPECIALLY on the days when you dont feel like it. There may be a million people in your city that want the same things you want but your dedication to it even when you dont feel like it is what will set you apart! Today is the best day to get started… Tomorrow they could be done casting for the part. Tomorrow they could have already found a lead dancer. And you could gain 5 more pounds this week putting that diet off until “next Monday”… Lol. You have to ride the bus and it’s raining outside? You better buy some cute rain boots! It’s too hot? Find some shade and a cold bottle of water and quit letting things you will NEVER be able to control keep you from getting whats yours. Go get it TODAY! No more tomorrows ya’ll…   Hugs, kisses, and a whole bunch of love- jnb

Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth!!

QUICK REMINDER: When someone fails to see how great you are it’s not because something is wrong with you but perhaps they need to get their vision checked! Embrace the things that make you quirky and the things that some may see as flaws! Be honest with yourself about if you feel like these “flaws” contribute to who you are in a positive way… and if they do- forget about the lack of vision they have. It’s their issue!!!!

“You is kind, you is smart, you is important…” KNOW THIS!!

It’s Arithmetic…

Okay! Sooo… this will be one of those tough love posts. : )

I work in hospitality so Im constantly meeting new people. The other day I had some guests check in… a pretty large family. They seemed unhappy but I thought “maybe they’re tired.” So I saw this same family later MINUS one individual(this person will be referred to as “The Negative”) but i noticed a difference in them. They were all laughing, smiling, and happy. So I said “okay well, good every body is happy…” The next night a young boy stormed into the hotel… tears running down his face. And not long after The Negative came strolling in with the same frown on her face she had when she checked in… I’ve seen this family over the course of three days and EVERY time she is ADDED to the equation the results come out NEGATIVE or sad, or angry. Even when she is alone she is visibly angry or upset about SOMETHING. Now im not judging anyone’s journey because ive got my own to worry about. But for the sake of growing and excelling to better people, let’s start to take note of how people are around us and how we are by ourselves. Chances are if everyone has an issue around you, and every one has the same or similiar issues then YOU are the PROBLEM! You are the COMMON DENOMINATOR and the issue is you! Dont be too proud to change … we dont have time for that! We are all human and once the issue is corrected, mistakes dont count because ultimately everything will lead to a lesson. Also, if you notice that someone you are around is always bringing you down with negativity or finding some way to kill the vibe- let them know! If you are real friends they will appreciate you getting them in check. Its time to act our ages! Lets be mature about the situation and use our lessons to make sure that we are the POSITIVE in the equation. “It’s Arithmetic!”

Good day folks…

Creative Gift Wrapping… Something for the procrastinators!


Hey guys!! It’s been a while (my apologies) but I just wanted to do a post about something that was fun and inspiring in a light hearted not so serious way… So here goes. On the eve of Christmas after all stores were closed and I was in for the night I realized the only wrapping paper I had left for my Godsons’ gifts was Disney Princesses? WHAT?! (OMG THE PROCRASTINATION IS REAL!!) There was no time for sulking so I had to get creative… My mom suggested I turn the paper to the opposite side but of course that was FAR too plain for me. I grabbed my handy Urban Outfitters Christmas Catalog, tore a page, grabbed some ribbon and quickly attached them to the wrapping paper. This was a total rush job since my family opened gifts a midnight this past Christmas but I will definitely be revisiting this idea! You can add glitter, ribbon, and all sorts of things to personalize the gift you’re giving and at little or no cost ESPECIALLY if you’re like me and have random crafts stored around the house. If not, it may initially be a few dollars but after a gift or two your money’s worth will definitely show! Look forward to seeing more post like this from me… So much of who I am is creating new things out of the old and unlikely! Muah!