The FBI rescued more than 105 kids ages 13-17 from sex-trafficking over the weekend here in the US!!!!

Yep! This was a cross country bust (the biggest of its kind in US History!) and 150 arrests were made in 76 cities!!

This is such an accomplishment for the movement and hopefully more of this will continue. It’s just so sad to think about all of these young children being trapped in a world of trafficking… being tortured and starved, raped, etc so someone else can get money! It’s ridiculous and it just baffles me that people are so caught up in making money that they are willing to do this to people. It baffles me at the sense of entitlement some people have over another HUMAN! Its SO common on websites like craigslist and backpage…. Really?! Is that where we are? Selling people online? Its not a good look AT ALL!  And not to mention the people that are spending money on it… smh… it’s just beyond me.  We need to start holding these types of websites accountable for this mess! 

imagesIt doesn’t stop there though… We have to hold ourselves accountable too! We can do more…

The assistant director of the FBI, Ronald Hosko, mentioned on the HLN network (I will put the link below) most of these children are from broken homes and are looking for love. Well, these people know how to identify that behavior in children so they twist their minds into thinking that this is love… this- trafficking, sex trafficking, torture, being trapped and beaten… is love? Before they know it it’s too late. It’s so easy for us to get it right before they go looking for it in different places… Make your family aware that these things are happening everyday right in YOUR neighborhood! Often too close for comfort!  And please don’t be one of those people that thinks they are invincible to this type of thing! Awareness is key! Show your family what love really is so that when someone comes there way with type of thinking immediately it’s shut down. People will try, but if we are knowledgeable about what love really is… or what caring really means- then it will go no further than that.

Please rejoice with me for the lives that have another chance… not just the children, but the pimps as well. Restoration is available for everyone.  If you have any questions feel free to contact myself or one of the numbers I list below. You can get out. You can stop. You have a real God given gift… use it! You might end up shocking yourself at some of the things you accomplish… its not too late! You can be restored. You can be free of all of it. FREE!

Here are a few numbers and websites to contact for help:



And here’s that link:


Have a wonderful day my loves!! Muah!

You asked for it!

Hello my loves!! In response to the numbers from the poll I took on “what would like to be seen more” a few weeks ago I will be doing more videos!! Yep! Videos came in 2nd to sex trafficking! Its really nice to know that people want to gain knowledge on such a serious issue… one of the many that is dear to me!

Please stay tuned because I’ve got so many good ideas for posts regarding sex trafficking, inspiration in general, and a few fun ideas for videos. This one will be the first of many… My FIRST haul video! Watch, enjoy, and do me a HUGE favor and hit the subscribe button if you like what you see. MUAH, good day…

traf-fic [traf-ik] noun, verb, traf-ficked, traf-fick-ing

3. the transportation of goods for the purpose of trade, by sea, land, or air…

Okay guys, the thing is anything can be trafficked. Taken from one place to another in exchange for money or other goods. I mean these days anything from weapons to drugs to wildlife to HUMANS are trafficked. Now, dont get me wrong all of this is illegal but my problem is that humans are being considered as products! PRODUCTS! Everday people are being sold into this business (against their own will) to be used in the illegal sex trafficking business or for the illegal use of labor in drug labs and even for labor in something as commonly seen as construction businesses. They are not payed for the services they are being forced to give, beaten if they object or complain of being tired or hungry, and again, this is against their will. Modern day slavery is what it is. (Sigh) I cant explain how much this frustrates me… its mind blowing that things like this are still happening on a VERY major level these days ALL over the world! The purpose of this post is just to break down exactly what trafficking is and to show how broad this issue really is. PLEASE stay tuned for future posts highlighting trafficking, different organizations helping with the issue, and some of the communities it has affected most AND how large the business has become in a few places you would never guess! DONT SLEEP ON THIS ISSUE YALL! I promise its happening somewhere very near your own community and YES this could be you!


YAYYYY!!!! The state of California spoke in BIG numbers about two weeks ago and voted in favor of Proposition 35 which is a HUGE step for trafficking laws! HUGE! The Proposition will:

*Increase prison terms for Human Traffickers

*Require convicted sex traffickers to register as sex offenders

*Require all registered sex offenders to disclose internet accounts

*Require criminal fines from convicted Human Traffickers to pay for services to help victims; and

*Mandate law enforcement training on Human Trafficking

This is huge! The numbers were 81.3% in favor and 18.7% against. I couldnt believe that people would actually vote against this! The day after the Proposition was passed a judge acted in response to a lawsuit filed against Proposition 35 by ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and issued a temporary restraining order preventing the proposition from going into affect. There are many arguments against Proposition 35 including that it will have a detrimental effect on the state budget, that it will hinder the rehabilitation of these offenders making it difficult for them to return to society, and that it is unconstitutional violating 1st amendment rights. All I have to say is… when you make a decision to do something that is against the law- THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES!! Yes, it may be a little difficult for you to return to society… but is not impossible! It can be done! And what makes you think it should be easy for you when you’ve made it difficult for so many to feel like they belong in society?  And the money… Im not even gonna start with that! This is great news in my book!!!!