Piper and Jedelia

In case you don’t already know all weekend I’ll be sharing pictures of the frames I’m trying out from Warby Parker AND I’ll be showing you some cute, Summer fashion (before it creeps away) along with it. Today is Day 2 and I have to say, I think it’s my favorite!

 Details are below…


The frames are called Piper and were my favorite of my 5 day Home Try-on Program from Warby Parker. I love them! They are actually the same frames from my previous post but the all black just took it “there” for me.

Turban (2)

The blazer and tank top are from Forever21

The skirt is from H&M

  The shoes are from JustFab and are called Jedelia.(This weekend I’m also showing how they can be styled 3 different ways.)

The bag was thrifted YEARS ago and honestly I cant even remember what state I was in… Lol.

Turban (4)

  I hope you like this look and I’m so excited to be showing Fashion on the blog again. Tomorrow will be the last of this series but look forward to more fun posts from me as well as some street fashion, kid fashion, and features from other bloggers.

Sober Saturday: War

Happy Sober Saturday!!

I am jumping back into Sober Saturday (It’s bi-weekly now) with a very transparent story about an experience that happened to me about a year ago. This experience was one of the scariest things that ever happened to me and though it wasn’t about an addiction to anything, it taught me soooo much about myself.  I had a difficult time recording this video and even now I’m nervous about posting it. I didn’t do a lot of editing AT ALL because trying to perfect it became a distraction from actually posting it and moving on. I’m ready to FULLY live in the freedom that comes from overcoming something and if that means getting it out then I’m up for it.

Here’s the story…



After visiting many Doctors in New Orleans and Ft Worth (really just to comfort my family, I already knew what it was) and after many, many tests nothing was found. I grew even more frustrated and thought of ALL the possibilities that could happen and that took my focus away from actually dealing with the situation. I’m someone who values things being done properly so all I could think was  “What am I doing wrong?” “What did I do to upset God?” “Why isn’t he helping me?”  But this was about me realizing the strength that God had ALREADY given me.

I was so devastated and broken because I’d never experienced anything like this. After losing confidence in my appearance and even my capabilities I cut all of my hair off (I wanted to see myself differently. I think that helped…) and I have strayed away from using my imagination so much. This was the first year since I started theater that I didn’t participate in any form of theater really AT ALL. I allowed this experience to become bigger than me. I had to realize who I was and what I’ve already done and what I’ve already overcome and then FIGHT for myself and my dreams. I had to get a lil cocky! Lol. I had to go to War and show Satan and myself that I’m strong enough to win and then, WIN! This wasn’t a pleasant experience by far but it allowed me to look at how I was dealing with it and realize that that is how I deal with most things. I allow my mind to take something and build on to it… I allow myself to make things bigger and treat them as though its real and true. (Apparently the eyeballs WEREN’T all over me… Lol.) As I stated in the video, the mind is a powerful thing. When you are convinced of something in your mind you begin to act as though it is fact. Your reaction, actions, your body, everything responds to what your mind tells it to.

This Sober Saturday isn’t about being Sober from any addiction but its about identifying a dysfunction in your behavior and correcting it. The war isn’t always going to be against Satan or someone else… on the worst days the person you are and the person you are supposed to become will have to fight. It’s tough work but its so worth it. This is a part of my journey… And the physical illness woke me up to allow myself to heal and grow spiritually. I cannot stand Satan but I’m glad that he brought the warfare because God turned it around to benefit me and has really taken me to a new level of living.

Do the work guys! And fight for yourself… God believes in you enough to keep you here and to put you on this earth for a purpose. If it’s good enough for him to believe in… out of EVERYONE ONE THE EARTH, he chose you… If he believes it, you are capable!

Thanks so much for sticking with me.

Sober Saturday is back in full effect so if you have something to share please don’t keep it to yourself. Someone is somewhere waiting to hear a story like yours to take them into the next level of living… DO IT! Email jamiedreamsbig@gmail.com


Ending the Summer with Warby Parker

Summer is trying to make an exit!

I am ready for scarves, boots, and deep fall lipsticks and palettes but I’m also struggling to let the Sun leave. It’s been a while since I’ve done any fashion post on the blog and I decided to jump back into it with some cool frames from Warby Parker. Yes, frames!

Frames are just as important as what you’re wearing because… um… THEY’RE ON YOUR FACE. I visited the site and of course, loved everything. I decided to try the Home Try-On Program.
IMG_02565 pairs for 5 days. FOR FREE!

I am an avid online shopper and after a while you figure out different ways to know your size and what you’ll REALLY like when it arrives but I have to say, I am so happy I tried the program. I was so shocked that some of them were too small or extremely similar in size and color.

This program is perfect.


This weekend I’ll be posting a few fashion looks with frames from this set.

Here’s the first of the three posts


This pair of frames are called Piper and are in the Woodland Tortoise color.


These are called Banks and are in the Striped Sassafras color.

I absolutely LOVED both pair but they are way too similar to have both and if I hadn’t tried this program I would’ve never known. Both of these can be paired with any thing, any style…

I decided to go with a simple but cute look- Jeans and a tank!

Here’s the look:

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (2)

The bottoms are high waist jeans from Urban Outfitters and the Tank is from H&M.

Now, the shoes… They are called “Jedelia”

I got them in my first time JustFab order and will be showing you how to style them 3 different ways this weekend as well because they were styled with the frames I got it my 5 day. It doesn’t take a lot to get cute… especially when you have the right accessories. These frames gave this look exactly what it needed because without them it would’ve been TOO plain.

I hope you guys like this look and I’m so excited to show you more…

Look forward to the next look including another pair of these amazing frames. I’ll be posting it tomorrow and I cant wait for you to see it… ITS HOT!


The Cure…

Hi guys!

I’m on the verge of (another) major move across the Country and for some reason, this time I am running into something that has been pretty much a non-factor for a long time for me…

When I was 23 I fearlessly moved from Texas to Atlanta. It was my first time moving into my own apartment and I moved to a different state, on my own, with no friends or family there. Fearlessly. It all happened in a matter of literally weeks… I identified that that was were I wanted to be, found places I thought I would like to work, applied for jobs, and found prospective apartments close by.  I said “I’m moving in April” before really even knowing it would happened. I believed it and had everything packed and ready to go before even getting a call for an interview. All of this happened in the midst of my Mom moving and I told her “Don’t get a room for me… I wont be here” And she reluctantly agreed to move without a room for me without knowing for sure I would be gone. It actually happened! I got a call for an interview, did a bunch of driving back and forth(ugh!), and moved April 17th into one of the apartments I’d put on my wish list.

It was so simple.

Now, 5 years have passed. I’ve lived in 3 different states alone and I’ve learned a lot about the way things go. I’ve had my share of troubles and hard times so this time I’m a lot more… how can I say it? Aware. I know what could go wrong.

It’s not so easy or simple this time.

When I was about 15 or 16 I took gymnastics before trying out for my High-schools cheer-leading team… I was so… AWARE and afraid. The coach was saying “jump up, run, flip backwards, then forward, roll, twist, jump, and land in a split”… and I’m like “But Why?!” Lol. He said something to me that has stuck. He told me to look around… Most of the people taking the class were either toddlers or had been there since toddler age… He said that when you aren’t aware of the danger you’re more willing to run out and jump and try whatever is thrown your way. You don’t know what could go wrong so the fear isn’t there.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m praying and pushing myself to have that same child-like, blind faith. I’m pushing myself as we speak towards my dreams THROUGH my fears. If you are experienced at things sometimes common sense or practical thinking comes in and tells you that something isn’t possible. But if you know that you know that you know that you are supposed to be somewhere in your life and you have to battle with others or even yourself with “it just doesn’t make any sense” “how will it happen” etc, then you need to go to battle! Talk yourself through it and get in line with your purpose. Your faith will erase the fear.

 Faith isn’t practical. It wont always make sense. God is the “Who” and when you know “Who” is in control you don’t always have to worry about the “How.” Just do your part and he’ll do his!

There is a cure! And it’s within you…

Now Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)

The BEST yet!

Hello my loves!!

                       My Birthday was last Tuesday, August 11  and I can honestly say that

this Birthday was the best one yet!

 Every year I find myself so stressed out trying to make sure I’m having a good time… And most of the time I find myself trying to do lots of things that normally wouldn’t interest me out of fear that I won’t make my day big enough. And you already know I want to make sure everything is perfect… Hair, the dress (of course), shoes, place to eat, blah blah blah. I end up so overwhelmed and stressed out or busy that I don’t get the chance to enjoy myself.

This year I just threw all of that out the window and did my own thing.

I decided that I would spend my birthday feeding the less fortunate in New Orleans and I am so happy I did. Sharing the little I have with people who don’t have anything has always made me happy and that is why I came up with my nonprofit, the Now & Later Effect, but there was something about doing it on my birthday that just made my day so special.

    image               Here we are! Celebrating my day…

We fed nearly 50 people and gave them cold water and freeze pops… It’s so hot this Summer! They were all so appreciative and all wished me a Happy Birthday… It was perfect but my day didn’t end there…


Because it was Tuesday and apparently, Tuesdays were made for Tacos, I went to Rum House and had Caribbean Food!! It wasn’t a new thing , nothing fancy but I think the casualness of it helped me to relax and just enjoy the fact that I am alive to celebrate my day and though my life may not be perfect or even ideal, it sure wasn’t what I’d visited earlier in the day. And I did not wear a dress… No heels. I wear dresses everyday but opted for my cut off Ralph Lauren shorts to BE POSITIVE I didn’t even almost teeter into making it such a big deal in my head that it ruined my day.

Gratitude will get you a looooong way folks. Love what you have and enjoy it before you stress yourself out to get something else… You might not even like it! Go above and beyond to ensure that you enjoy your days… Our minds are powerful! And the minute we indulge a little in our thinking our minds will run with it. Protect your sanity. And DO YOU! So many people will think I’m crazy for giving to others on MY DAY but who cares?! That’s what makes ME happy.

Enjoy your day! Remove anything that hinders your happy… You deserve it!

Prayer and the City

This picture confirmed my feelings on friendship. At a time in my life when my friendship with Karayan was seemingly falling to pieces, I looked at this picture and though I was hurt, angry, sad, devastated, (I COULDNT STAND HER!) etc…something inside jumped.


I knew I’d been right about what friendship could be… I saw the ANSWER I’d known for so long in action. Someone pouring their all into prayer on their friend’s behalf. It is embedded in my head and heart. God gave us a few trials but I am thankful for them because it caused us to include him more and more and we are on the fast track to THIS!

Please Join us tomorrow night at 8pm for “Prayer and the City” Candid talk, laughs, and prayer regarding our friendships and life in general. Call 712.775.7031 code 628.709.289. We’re so excited!!

Fresh Kids Dream Big


Here’s the heart throb in my life!

Everywhere we go people are completely consumed with how handsome he is and we are constanly getting compliments on his clothes. So, of course, this couldn’t be ignored too much longer. I have been pretty absent with fashion posts for a while (I promise I’ll explain) and I’ve decided that since I absolutely LOVE kids to post Fashion posts with children! I’m so excited! All of you have to do is tag your pictures #FreshKidsDreamBIG and I will select a few to post on the site. Please include where the items were purchased.

Here are the details on this look…


Shirt- Old Navy (I’m totally guessing)

Shorts- H&M

Shoes- Nike

It’s quite simple! Be on the look out for more Fresh Kids…

Join Us!


“We are best friends not because we always want to be but because we’ve recognized that

our friendship is about something bigger than us!”


My best friend and I have been through it and back and we are sharing parts of our friendship testimony and hoping to inspire some of you that no matter how bad things can get sometimes, if your friendship is one of those things put together by God, there is nothing that can separate it. Join us! Were hoping to hear from you during this laid back call where we will talk, laugh, pray, strengthen our friendships, and hopefully build new ones.

The kick off is next Thursday, August 13th at 8pm.

Don’t forget to bring your friends! We cant wait to talk to you…


“Officer, officer…”

Hello! I hope things are well for you… I’m good.

I think I mentioned in one of my past posts that SO much has changed in my life this year and over the next few posts we’ll discuss that more. In a nutshell though, I’ve learned so much this year. Mostly about MYSELF! I’ve lost some and gained some. One of the things I’ve gained is my Godson. He’s been with me since February and I’m pretty positive that I’ve learned just as much from him as he has from me… It’s been an adjustment but he has truly been a blessing to me.


Here he is! His name is Dre and he’s my baby!


He’s nearly obsessed with “officers” and the other day while we were in the Nike store he pointed and said “Officer, officer!” He is usually excited but this night he was noticeably nervous… I said “It’s okay Dre, this is an officer. He’s here to protect you, you don’t have to be afraid.” As the words left my lips and I heard what I’d said I thought “Wow! I wish that was true…” I heard myself begin to pray over his life and felt myself almost panick at the thought of not properly preparing him for the world we live in.

I’ve seen it on the news and read articles but, Wow! What a reality check. We are still living in times where we can’t even be sure on how to feel about the people who are meant to protect us.

What should we teach the youth?

What should we ourselves do?

Where is the line drawn in learning and teaching to comply and going through life afraid?

I don’t have all of the answers but I think one of the important things is that I’m looking for them. When things happen that make us uncomfortable with reality it is up to us to do something about it. Instead of sitting with the issue and complaining about how bad it is let’s stay solution minded. It’s a scary thing to think about our reality sometimes but just think about if it never changes… think about what something like this will escalate to if not fixed properly.

 What’s your take?


Pieces of Me

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

This past Saturday I spoke with nearly 40 girls ages 12-18 about using whatever life hands you for your benefit. “Pieces of Me.” It went well, felt great to share my experiences, and was very well received! Thanks for all of the support and kind words…

I appreciate it so much!



Thanks Maiya and Darrilyn for sharing your Fly Girls with me!

Next up is Pine Street in Ft Worth. It’s the first rehab center my parents went to almost 20 years ago! God is good! I’ll be there Tuesday and Wednesday morning and then immediately after heading to New Orleans… Stay tuned for New Orleans and Atlanta dates… I’ll be sharing them soon!


We coming!