Lessons from a seashell


I found this shell while we were walking today…


Of all the things, big beautiful trees and AMAZING homes,  my vision zeroed in on this. I continued walking but immediately began to think how this little sea shell was so far from the water. I thought about all it must’ve gone through to make it from the water down a bustling street like Esplanade near aand how many times it must’ve seemed it was going to be crushed or broken beyond repair being out of its normal environment.

Have you ever felt like that?

Like you wouldn’t make it being off of the road that always seemed like you were created for…

I turned back and walked the block to get the shell. I knew I had to have it…  It was somehow, more special because of how far off of its path it was yet it wasn’t destroyed. I was attracted to it not because it was a seashell  because there are plenty washing up on the shore, but because it was still whole outside of an environment where shells usually “survive” Sometimes the things you go through and the places you end up that are off of the original plan make your value increase all the more. And I know it’s crazy… Because usually the value of something decreases after it’s been around a block or two. But we’ll look at it like your situation is a vintage piece… Something that’s value has increased BECAUSE of the things it’s gone through and the character those things have added.

 If you’re going through something or it seems like your bright days are being clouded with rain and you’re being washed, carried, thrown down roads you never thought you would go remember that  in itself may be what increases the value of your story. Remember my shell. And when you grow unsure of your purpose just continue to be you… used, broken, healed, traveled,  etc.  These things, how you carried on despite the negatives, and the fact that you don’t look like what you’ve been through will inspire someone else to keep it moving.

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