The time to live is NOW!!

Lately I have been in a slump… I find myself not being as happy as I could and/or should be because I’m so focused on my plans and goals and dreams. So focused that instead of enjoying all of the things I have been blessed with, I’m trying to figure out what I can do to make it better. And nothing is wrong with wanting to be better in every way. But when it becomes a distraction from living in the moment, something has to change.

Yesterday I was passing a Walmart on a very busy road, very busy intersection and I saw a man crossing the street very slow, cautious, and maybe a bit nervous. He was blind. When I realized that he was blind ALL of my anxiety about my life shriveled to pieces. This man, this blind man, hadn’t allowed something as serious as losing his vision to keep him from enjoying taking a simple stroll to wherever he may have been going. And as I slowed down to let him cross in front of me I saw the happiness on his face…  I felt God showing me that no matter how difficult life is sometimes, there is always something to be enjoyed. I realized in that exact moment that the time to live is NOW!

Get out and LIVE!Be purposeful! Enjoy your life and don’t become so focused on the hills and low valleys that you miss the journey all together. The trials are inevitable… but so are the victories!! Keep living life, Boo! Everything is going to work out fine…

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