“The picture of Happiness I have in my mind isn’t about being in New York or even necessarily fulfilling my dreams. It’s about doing everything I can to obtain the level of Happiness I know God wants me to have and feeling his presence on this journey with me even when things aren’t perfect.”

That quote came straight from my heart during the writing process of a book I am so blessed to have been a contributing author for. Those words… my feelings, came through a pen directly from my soul shortly after relocating back to NY. Nothing, absolutely nothing, went as planned and Dre and I faced some difficult times. While sitting in a hotel room pondering our next move I realized that though this wasnt a part of my planned it was indeed part of a larger plan that God had for my life. The peace I felt is unexplainable but it is what caused me to further understand that no matter how bad things are going, God has a way of showing you that you are exactly where you need to be. (My full revelation is in the book! It gets goooood!)


So, I know sometimes you may feel like you’re doing all you can to obtain the goals you have (AND doing it the right way) and still things just dont seem to go as planned. Keep going… You have to keep moving forward! The struggles and hardships you may run into will make you stronger for the road ahead and will likely make a lot more sense in hindsight. We have to become comfortable with our plan while ackowledging that it is still a part of a bigger plan God has for us. Looking back on so many things and seeing the connection to my purpose is almost mind boggling sometimes and it honestly makes me laugh at myself for ever worrying.  Your time is coming! Keep being purposeful! Keep showing up and doing what is on your heart to be done… It is not in vain.

It will all be worth it…


“Passion. Prayer. Purpose. A collection of stories to help any woman Design+Her+Life” is the name of the book and it’s available now on shopjamiedreamsBIG.com. You don’t want to miss out on this… Trust me!

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