Good Morning Everyone!

Yes, I am one of those people… A Morning Person! Lol! “I ain’t sorry…”

Can we talk relationships today? Okay. Cool…

Relationships.  Hmm… Just being completely transparent and honest I’ll tell you that I have very little relationship history because I have a problem with trust (and other stuff… we’ll talk about that another time) but something that I have found in relationships with people period is that it is very easy to feel like you have to constantly bring something new to the relationship. I feel like with some people, they almost get bored if nothing new is being offered. I feel like sometimes there is a steady flow of the implied “I did this for you…” to go along with the implied “Now what can you do for me?!” or “What have you done for me?” And if that thing isn’t provided when they feel like it, then people feel like they are being taken advantage of or in an unfair situation. It’s not something that is even always said and it could even be something that I do internally… “How can I pay them back for that great thing” or “I guess I should be willing to do this for him, He’s done this for me…” sort of thing…

Well, this morning God got me right together. I found myself stalling to pray… I could feel the presence of the Lord and like someone that squeezes their way around you in the bathroom to brush their teeth or in the kitchen while making breakfast without ever making eye contact or saying anything to acknowledge your presence, I ignored him. When I realized what I was doing and began to pray I felt God say to me “I’m not them… You don’t have to try to give me anything you don’t have outside of this moment… all I want is your praise and worship… all I want is for you to use the gifts I’ve given you… all I want is your obedience… all I want now is all I’ve ever wanted…”

I’m getting a little teary eyed because He’s SO good… but let me encourage you today, If you are becoming stagnant in your relationship with God because of the lack of something new and different you can provide it’s a waste of time. If you are waiting to become the one unique girl/boy/woman/man that catches his eye… Get out of your head! He already loves you in that special way. God is Holy… a relationship with Him does not come with all of the human stipulations some of us have been exposed to and he genuinely wants you! Yes, growth is required. Yes, sacrifice is required. Yes, sometimes you will be uncomfortable because of the places and opportunities your’e being molded for… But nothing outside of what you are currently capable of will be expected. And it’s not a tit for tat! All he wants is all of you… You are enough!



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