The BEST yet!

Hello my loves!!

                       My Birthday was last Tuesday, August 11  and I can honestly say that

this Birthday was the best one yet!

 Every year I find myself so stressed out trying to make sure I’m having a good time… And most of the time I find myself trying to do lots of things that normally wouldn’t interest me out of fear that I won’t make my day big enough. And you already know I want to make sure everything is perfect… Hair, the dress (of course), shoes, place to eat, blah blah blah. I end up so overwhelmed and stressed out or busy that I don’t get the chance to enjoy myself.

This year I just threw all of that out the window and did my own thing.

I decided that I would spend my birthday feeding the less fortunate in New Orleans and I am so happy I did. Sharing the little I have with people who don’t have anything has always made me happy and that is why I came up with my nonprofit, the Now & Later Effect, but there was something about doing it on my birthday that just made my day so special.

    image               Here we are! Celebrating my day…

We fed nearly 50 people and gave them cold water and freeze pops… It’s so hot this Summer! They were all so appreciative and all wished me a Happy Birthday… It was perfect but my day didn’t end there…


Because it was Tuesday and apparently, Tuesdays were made for Tacos, I went to Rum House and had Caribbean Food!! It wasn’t a new thing , nothing fancy but I think the casualness of it helped me to relax and just enjoy the fact that I am alive to celebrate my day and though my life may not be perfect or even ideal, it sure wasn’t what I’d visited earlier in the day. And I did not wear a dress… No heels. I wear dresses everyday but opted for my cut off Ralph Lauren shorts to BE POSITIVE I didn’t even almost teeter into making it such a big deal in my head that it ruined my day.

Gratitude will get you a looooong way folks. Love what you have and enjoy it before you stress yourself out to get something else… You might not even like it! Go above and beyond to ensure that you enjoy your days… Our minds are powerful! And the minute we indulge a little in our thinking our minds will run with it. Protect your sanity. And DO YOU! So many people will think I’m crazy for giving to others on MY DAY but who cares?! That’s what makes ME happy.

Enjoy your day! Remove anything that hinders your happy… You deserve it!

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