“Officer, officer…”

Hello! I hope things are well for you… I’m good.

I think I mentioned in one of my past posts that SO much has changed in my life this year and over the next few posts we’ll discuss that more. In a nutshell though, I’ve learned so much this year. Mostly about MYSELF! I’ve lost some and gained some. One of the things I’ve gained is my Godson. He’s been with me since February and I’m pretty positive that I’ve learned just as much from him as he has from me… It’s been an adjustment but he has truly been a blessing to me.


Here he is! His name is Dre and he’s my baby!


He’s nearly obsessed with “officers” and the other day while we were in the Nike store he pointed and said “Officer, officer!” He is usually excited but this night he was noticeably nervous… I said “It’s okay Dre, this is an officer. He’s here to protect you, you don’t have to be afraid.” As the words left my lips and I heard what I’d said I thought “Wow! I wish that was true…” I heard myself begin to pray over his life and felt myself almost panick at the thought of not properly preparing him for the world we live in.

I’ve seen it on the news and read articles but, Wow! What a reality check. We are still living in times where we can’t even be sure on how to feel about the people who are meant to protect us.

What should we teach the youth?

What should we ourselves do?

Where is the line drawn in learning and teaching to comply and going through life afraid?

I don’t have all of the answers but I think one of the important things is that I’m looking for them. When things happen that make us uncomfortable with reality it is up to us to do something about it. Instead of sitting with the issue and complaining about how bad it is let’s stay solution minded. It’s a scary thing to think about our reality sometimes but just think about if it never changes… think about what something like this will escalate to if not fixed properly.

 What’s your take?


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