Take some, Leave some…

Hey Hun!… Yes, You! I miss you!!

I haven’t written in a while and let me tell ya, A lot has happened! A lot has changed!… It’s June now. 6 months came, went, and LIFE has taken over. Some of the things (like, EVERYTHING!) that I had planned for this year have changed completely. God is still in control, though. And some of the things that I was SO confused about just even a month ago make so much more sense in hindsight. It’s all coming together… He’s good like that!

One of the things that I’ve discovered lately is that sometimes people will look at your situation and the solution to your situation through glasses covered in either what they’ve experienced or what they wish they’d experienced and not always what is best for you. Most of my readers are followers but I’ll clarify just for the sake of a few new friends… I’m a faith driven person. When making most of my decisions I go with what I know God wants me to do. It doesn’t require logic all the time… Actually, in most cases it’s required faith. I heard myself say in frustration the other day “You do whats easy, what makes the most sense and call it faith… that’s not faith” I’ll try not to go too hard on this but y’all know faith is my thing! Lol. Faith is confidence or being certain of something that isn’t in reach… Something you cant see or touch or feel but you KNOW is there. You know it will be attained. The situations that I have been in have required me to see things ONLY with faith.

The purpose of this post isn’t to explain faith because I’ve already done that a million times on this blog. Lol. I want to inspire you and to encourage you to dig deeper and take advice from people but use discernment on what to take and leave. Sometimes people want whats best for you SO much but they may not have the same dreams and vision for your life that you have. They may not understand it… They may not understand the sacrifices that you are willing to make to attain the things you’ve always wanted and that’s okay! But in order to make it you will have to make up your mind what you REALLY want.. Nothing is too big. After you decide what you want don’t stop until you get it… You may have to cry, start over, FEEL like you’re going backwards, etc… but it’s all apart of a bigger plan. You’ll have to be crazy enough to dare your self and take a leap of faith even when you’re afraid!  JUMP! Don’t think about the possibility of some of your plans not fully working out and looking like a fool… half of us are looking crazy anyway! Just know that every failure will equip you for a success. Look at your set backs like a sling… something HAS to be pulled back in order for forward movement. I know some of you must be thinking “the nerve of her to be giving her two cents on “how to move forward” or “how to be successful” when she isn’t” but what can I say, I have just that much faith. I already see myself as I will be. I know its working! I can feel it! I know God is doing something RIGHT NOW that I cant see… I know it! I can feel it! So yes, I sure am giving my two cents… If you don’t get it,  you probably need to get some faith. It closes every gap.

Good Night… Muah, jnb

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