Throwback Thursday: God spared my life

imageOn this day a month ago I stepped out of this car, facing the wrong way on the interstate in 9am traffic with not one scratch or bruise on my body. I have no question in my mind about who it was that saved me that day.

It was a dreary day and we were all getting together for breakfast at one of our favorite spots Anita’s. We left early and because the rest of our group was running behind we decided to take it easy. We got on the interstate and before we could make it even a mile down the road the car slid on what may have been a puddle of water… Coming out of the slide I remember thinking “That was close..” But it didn’t stop there. We spun around several times hitting both sides of the interstate (SO close to going over) and it seems that all of the cars in front of us sped ahead and all the cars behind us froze in time. I called Jesus’ name the entire time and I know he was there with us. It was an extremely scary thing to happen but the peace that God gave me while we were spinning told me that everything would be okay and it is!


We both both stepped out of the car able to walk and talk and have all of the regular activity of our limbs. God is good huh? He’s never failed me and though I know he never will, this experience really opened my eyes to some things. My life and my purpose is precious to him. Lil ole me y’all!

I’m so glad he looked beyond all of my faults and spared my life so I can live for him and truly walk in the purpose that  he clearly wants me here on earth for.

Thank you God! You’re amazing!

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