I’m doing so good I can’t stand it!


Hello my loves!! I want to very quickly send some inspiration your way…

Back when I worked at the bank there was an absolutely adorable old (OLD) man that would come into the back pretty regularly. I believe it was more out of routine than anything and more than likely considered an outing for the day… We’d greet him and ask him how he was doing and his reply was “I’m doing so good I can’t stand it!” Lol.

So cute huh?!

It was then that I first realized that our days/lives are what we make them! Surely at his age he’d been through some things and maybe wasn’t in the best health… He made a decision to enjoy life anyway! And THAT is exactly what we have to do. Sure, things will go wrong. Life has it’s unexpected hills, valleys, twists, and turns… But you are alive… You still have life and that’s a lot more than some people can say!

Decide right now that you’re going to have a day SO good that you just cannot stand it! 


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