SOBER SATURDAY: It’s Just a Sip, Right? (Get Better? Or Get Sicker?)

Today’s “Sober Saturday” post is from a fellow blogger Ms. Ros from the blog “Running on Sober.” I was introduced to her blog when she was featured on WordPress and immediately LOVED it and after a few emails it was set! I would be reblogging one of her previous post for Sober Saturday. She’s such a great writer and I really appreciate her for allowing me to share her work and for being SO transparent in her writings! It can really help when you know someone is putting it all out there and showing vulnerability… People all over the world will know they’re not alone in their struggle to become sober and their journey of maintaining sobriety. I hope you guys enjoy it… Follow her blog “Running in Sober”, follow MY blog if you aren’t already, and remember- if you’d like to share your story or testimony for Sober Saturday email! RESTORATION IS POSSIBLE!! Muah

2 thoughts on “SOBER SATURDAY: It’s Just a Sip, Right? (Get Better? Or Get Sicker?)

  1. So happy to be featured as part of your Sober Saturdays series, Jamie, thank you so much for inviting me.

    I love the vibe around here–you’ve created a very inspiring and uplifting place.

    Can’t wait to collaborate with you in the near future! Thanks again,

    (PS–I saw John Legend in concert a couple years ago when he opened for Sade. OMG. What talent!!!)


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to check out Sober Saturday Ms Christy! I really really am more inspired by your writing than you know and SO excited that you’ve allowed me to use your work to inspire others!! This is what it’s all about- reaching back to pull others out of their misery. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! And I LOVE John Legend! He has an amazing gift!! Hope to talk to you soon… MUAH, Jamie


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