Repairing broken relationships




I came across this picture a WHILE ago and immediately saved it… I LOVE it!!


I want to use this VERY simple thought to encourage some of you that may have broken friendships or relationships…

Rough times are inevitable to EVERYTHING we do or are apart of in this life… The bottom line is sometimes things break. They JUST DO! People change, grow, get different jobs or careers and life just happens. What we have to do when we realize we are in a broken relationship is decide what to do with the pieces. Do you want to throw them away? Or is the friendship or relationship worth you picking up the pieces and putting it back together with gold? Is there a way it can be built on a better foundation ? Better principles? Can the growth that has taken place individually be used to grow the relationship?

Every argument is not an ending!! I have to remind myself this all the time… Sometimes a little crumble needs to take place to get feelings out and both parties can have a better understanding of each other.

Now, some broken relationships DONT need to be repaired but may be preparing you for what’s next. Pray for discernment… Figure out if it’s worth it or not. But nothing’s wrong with adding a little Gold in the mix and making things better. It won’t be easy BY FAR!! But just like the pottery above, it’ll be rare… Unable to duplicate, special!!


Don’t be afraid to use a little Gold!!

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