7 thoughts on “Dark Skin

  1. The only only girls I’ve dated have been dark skinned, It amazes me when people say they are ugly. They are beautiful straight up, I guess people are brainwashed by the media, bible, dictionary, etc…it’s all bullshit though.


      1. The curse of ham….but actually it’s not so much the bible but organized religion making sure every character in the bible is white over the centuries…..for black people to worship that creates a sense of inferiority to anything darker skinned, consciously or sub-consciously. Seeing god as a white man and jesus as a white man. does that (hell seeing god as a man can make men see women as being inferior not to mention all the bible sexism….but that’s other post.)


  2. Wow! You are so right… I don’t really see God as any color. Lol. But just thinking about how he is depicted as white & man off of someone’s opinion but shared like its a fact is VERY interesting! Thanks so much… I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I record the video.


  3. Yeah I see god as love/nature….That’s how the native americans saw it, they didn’t have a bunch of gods they just saw god in everything….parts of a whole…..I never felt like god was a man in the sky….guess that’s why I always slept in church as a kid.


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