SOBER SATURDAY: “What time is it? TOOL TIME!!”

Happy Saturday My Loves!!

Its Sober Saturday and this week I’ve decided to do something a little different…

Reading stories and testimonies about what addiction is or was like for others is a great tool for inspiring, encouraging, and really just letting people know “you’re not alone” or “I understand”… And I think that it’s great! I think it can really give people the push they need to go ahead and begin to kick the habit… However, identifying with someone else’s addiction will not help you get clean and stay clean so, in addition to stories and testimonies I will also give resources that can be used for aiding in recovery and/or for STAYING recovered. It’s tool time…

Okay so… The first resource that comes to mind is developing a STRONG relationship with God and finding a church home.

I hear so many people say they began doing drugs socially… At a party or with friends. Finding a church home will put you in a POSITIVE social setting around others who can identify with a struggle to do better in many ways. It’s a very difficult thing to begin to “replace” people that you’ve known for so long in your life… But the bottom line is, if you want to get better you may have to leave a few behind. If your friends that you get high with aren’t quite ready yet go find some people that are strong enough in their sobriety to help you and then you can go back and grab your buddies.

Sometimes when you’re speaking with someone who has never been in a situation you’re struggling with you feel like you’re being judged, looked down on, or insulted. Sometimes when you go to someone for help and you’re faced with nothing but negativity it discourages you more than you were before you went to them. I’ve been there… This is why it’s EXTREMELY important to make sure you’re praying, reading your bible, and visiting churches to build up your relationship with God so HE can lead you to the right church with the right people and perfect ministry for you. I love church… Love it! And I feel like I can get something out of any message anyone is speaking regardless of denomination as long as God is there… However, there’s nothing like being where God wants you to be. You’ll go from just relating and understanding the message to feeling like the Reverend is speaking to YOU! There will be ministries you can participate and thrive in. And these things are what will give you something to live for.


At my church home (Great Commission Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX) the Helping Hands Recovery Ministry is… Well, it’s exactly what the name says it is- Helping Hands. People who understand addiction- either because they were once addicts or because they have a passion for seeing lives restored from addiction. They attend Conventions, meetings, and retreats together all of which are for Overcomers. My mom is in the ministry and I really believe that it has aided in her sobriety TREMENDOUSLY! It gave her some thing to look forward to around people who understood what she was feeling or had felt and the support she really needed that family or her children couldn’t sometimes give because of the frustration.


Some of the Helping Hands Recovery Ministry at their Annual Retreat. My mom is the lil short one in light blue. (what’s up Mom?!)

What are some other great programs and/or ministries for recovery?

Im interested to know so I can begin to feature ministries and programs in particular places when I do these “Tool Time” posts. So please, comment and follow the blog if you haven’t already. Also, if you would like your story to be featured on Sober Saturday email me at Share your journey with us! Were all proud of anyone who is clean or even wants to be clean… We’re all fighting SOMETHING!! Reach back and help pull someone if you’ve made it. MUAH!!

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