Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day!!

All over the world people are forced into trafficking… kids as small as four or five are forced into sexual situations for monetary gain, people are forced to work for no pay, and they are beaten when they try to leave or go against what they are told. Its the new form of slavery. Its the 2nd largest organized crime. Everyday kids go to the store and are seen by someone who paints a picture of glitz and glamour… persuading young/ gullible minds that they can offer them something better. Often times Americans think these type of things “don’t happen here” or “can’t happen here” Get real! The love of money is the root of all evil… and evil is everywhere! Even on your street!!

The numbers for trafficking increase tremendously when a big event like the All Star Game or Super Bowl are in a town. Be aware of the signs so that you can help but also so you can protect yourself! It all begins with awareness. Spread the word… Trafficking is real and no one is exempt!

Help free the 30 million enslaved around the
world!! The Polaris Project, A21 campaign, and Somaly Mam foundation are wonderful initiatives for this cause. Check em out!

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