Sober Saturday: Linda Smith. My mommy!!

It’s Sober Saturday and next up is my Mom! (I call her Lil Momma. Lol) What can I say about Lil Miss Linda? Lol. She’s a Mom! Even in her addiction she had a maternal instinct out of this world. Sassy, outspoken, caring, and always a Lady are a few of the things that describe her very well. She a sweet little lady.  In her addiction she was angry, verbally and sometimes physically abusive to people. It’s the perfect example of how drugs can COMPLETELY change you. She used drugs for about 32 years and after getting fed up… she stopped! She just stopped! It amazes me how after going through program after program she still used. But, by participating in several church ministries and putting God first she dropped a habit she’d had for more than half her life!! . Its been 7 years and I’m so proud of her for allowing God to work in her life and for not giving up on herself.
The title of her story is:

The Lord Changed Me

When I think about my life before the lord changed me, I was so messed up. I was a working mother who was addicted to drugs. My life had become unmanageable and I was going through life thinking that I had it all together, but I was really on a path of destruction. I remember when I had to tell my girls that mommy had to go away to get clean from drugs ,and my baby Jamie said “if you love me, can’t you just stop using drugs?” It hurt me to my heart not to tell her yes. People will tell you about how good drugs made them feel, but they don’t tell you about the bad part. For years I struggled with my addiction. I was disappointing people who I loved and who loved me .I felt hopeless, helpless, and i wanted to die. Over the years my daughter Deitra would talk to me about changing my lifestyle… I would tell her that I have tried to change, but  I cant! She would say “Momma, you can’t… But GOD can! Let GOD do for you what you can’t do for yourself.” So I made a decision to ask GOD to come into my heart and my life. Today I am so thankful that God loves me and that he has given me the opportunity to be the child that he would have me to be and he will do the same thing for you if you let him.

Once I made the decision that I no longer wanted drugs to be a part of my life, I had to do something’s…

1. I had to admit I was powerless when it came to drugs, and when I used drugs my life was  unmanageable
2. I knew GOD could restore my sanity  and I knew he would if I asked him and that leads to the next step…
3. I asked GOD to come in my heart and in my life and he did!

Today I have been clean for 7 years!!!! I am sooooo thankful! (Thank you Lord!) Thanks to my daughters for still loving me and always being there for me. Thank you Deitra for not giving up on me, for not giving in to me. For you and Kevin always having me and your sisters back.

So if anyone is feelings as hopeless as I was just know it can happen for you too! Give it to God!

I’m so proud of. you and more inspired than you know by your progress!! Thanks for staying strong and pushing through… I love you Lil Momma

4 thoughts on “Sober Saturday: Linda Smith. My mommy!!

  1. I am extremely proud of you and thankful to God for getting you back on the right path. Im not sure how you were back then but I’m thankful for the you today. You are one of the most important people in my life and without you I wouldn’t have anyone to call and have little pointless talks that turns into life lessons. Thanks for making that change in your life because you have been a great example, inspiration, and leader for your grandkids. Love you Granny!


  2. I want to say i am so grateful that God allowed you to be my mom i would not change a thing good or bad because threw it all it has made me the woman i am today i am so proud of my moma and love her so much all i have to say want GOD do it…


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