Merry Christmas!!

Today is the day designated to celebrate the birth of Jesus… for those of us who celebrate, it can be a stressful time of year trying to keep up with what society has deemed appropriate for celebrating HIS day. You know what I mean by that right? Well, if you guessed the exchange of gifts to one another and adding another 100 toys to the stash children already overlook everyday, you would be right. Celebrate His day, eat until your heart is content, and spoil the kids just a little… but keep in mind what this day is REALLY about. Not JUST the birth of Jesus, but WHY he was born – to die and save us from sin. (Thank you Lord!) If you don’t get a gift. don’t have the money to cook a big extravagant meal, or maybe youre not spending this Christmas with your family….- Keep in mind this day is SO much bigger than those things!! Spread the good news about this day wherever you are and lets truly make this a “Happy Birthday” for Jesus.

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