Time to talk…

Hello!! I hope all of you are well… okay so, last week I made a video geared towards the youth but really for everyone… I  posted it to my YouTube channel (jamiedreamsbig) and I wanted to share it with you. It’s one of those type of pull your friend on the side conversations about self worth and I REALLY think this conversation needs to be opened up for discussion. I have literally been disgusted just thinking about the lack of self worth people are walking around with… And the things people do to gain attention and “love” not fully understanding that some attention just isn’t worth having and the type of things love requires would never include belittling yourself for someone’s enjoyment. Please watch, share, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


So… What do YOU think? To comment click the title and that will take you to a page with this post alone. From there just scroll to the bottom and comment!

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