Tuesday Morning Reflections…

Hello Beautiful people… Well, as you can tell from the date- what you just read was a post I did nearly a year ago. I am a note taker… To the fullest! I take notes in classes, in my bible during church, even while I’m reading books and plays I keep a pencil with me to circle ideas and jot down questions or random ideas. And as i have confessed before, I LOVE buying cards!! The idea of writing down my feelings at a certain time and giving them to someone is golden to me… but the best part of notes isn’t necessarily what you immediately gain. It’s when you find a note, card, or random quote that you wrote a while ago and you’re able to presently identify with those feelings and get through them because of something that was thought or purchased long ago. I LOVE that!! I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this happen and I feel like maybe some of these things can help someone else so, I’m going to start posting these reflections. The first of many was posted on this blog nearly a year ago… Its short and sweet but will always hold some truth.


Everyone will have their own way of dealing with things but the important thing is to not let someone else’s addiction weigh you down so much to the point that you’re going crazy yourself!! It’s so hard to show tough love sometimes and ignore the name calling and fights that in most cases are sure to come but it’s so worth it. TRUST ME! If they aren’t ready to change then you will have to be the one to take the higher road… Create a change that allows you to still love them but that also isn’t going to put you in the fire. When you’re constantly being hurt by lies and manipulation it’s hard to think about it but addicts go through a lot too! Especially the addict that WANTS to be clean but is truly struggling with the illness. Just think about the guilt it causes when this drug or thing has taken over your life to the point that you’re stealing and lying and doing so many things that you don’t want to for a drug you don’t even really want but your body now NEEDS! It tough… Until the addict is REALLY ready to change a lot of what you say will likely go over their head but continue to encourage them and pray for discernment on when to say something and what to say. When you don’t have the words to speak God will give you what to say… And when you do have a few choice words that won’t help the situation AT ALL (been there, TRUST ME! Lol) God wont let it get past being a thought.  It will all work out in time… But until then don’t be afraid to make some changes and be happy with life!! Your change may be what finally pulls them through… HUGS AND LOVE, JNB

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