Happy September!!



How many times have you heard someone (or maybe even yourself) say “Its the little things…”? Well, all of those small things can really be considered big when looking at the entire picture. In other words the little things we often take for granted like maybe your husband taking the trash out and making sure the oil is changed in your car, your wife cooking/cleaning/being a good Mother/fulfilling wifely duties, or sometimes even waking up with breath in our bodies and limbs that all function properly are a real big deal when it’s no longer happening… The “little” things are BIG! Anyway, being that I was excited about life I decided to celebrate… And if you’re thinking that box of Funfetti cake has anything to do with it you would be correct!!


^^^^THAT is what was in progress when my cousin asked me “Whats the occasion?” Well, I LOVE most things that are sweet… (Cake, cookies, candy, pie… It’s BAD!!) so I was already making cupcakes mostly because I had a box of Funfetti, a cup of water, 3 eggs, 3/4 cup of oil, and icing! I mean… Why not?! Lol. But I quickly replied ” Ummm… It’s September 1st! Right? Yeah, it’s September 1st so that’s why…. And plus Karayan’s (my BFF) birthday is this month so we can just celebrate all month…”  I smirked at my silliness…

I mean, I was being silly but I think seeing another day and Karayan seeing another year is a wonderful reason to celebrate… Of course I am also very happily a junk food junkie but my point in all of this is learning to just enjoy each day as it comes. You may not have everything you want but be happy about the fact that you have everything you need. You may not even be in a place in your life where you have everything you need but you are HERE and sticking it out through rough times is so worth it!


This is the final look of the cupcakes… Kinda cute huh? And good too! I Love cupcakes…

Anyway- all I did was cut wrapping paper to cover the size of regular plates and follow the regular directions for making cupcakes except spooning 3 tablespoons of batter into each cupcake sleeve (I guess that’s what they’re called) I  got 14 cupcakes instead of 24 doing it that way but of course, they were bigger.


This is the icing I used. It was left over from earlier this month when I made Moscato cupcakes for my birthday so of course, my icing was drenched in Moscato. I didn’t measure how much I put in but instead tried to monitor the consistency of the icing… too much and the icing will be loose and drippy. These cupcakes shouldn’t intoxicate anyone but could possibly create feelings happier than plain ole icing produces when eaten in excess.

Celebrate and and thank God for your “right now” whatever it may be… Your attitude when you have nothing can be what takes you to the next level! CELEBRATE!


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