For the sake of leaving no one out…

Okay so by now it’s no secret that I love Jill… But I also want to just point out the fact that there is NOTHING you can do to make haters go away so just include them! I know that the people who hate everything that this website stands for probably frequent it as much as (if not more) than those who embrace it because they are waiting fir an error like that one i just made : ) And that’s exactly why I continue to do me! And I do it SO well! Go ahead and face the fact that some people will ALWAYS find something wrong with everything! They’ll never be satisfied so you might as well just do YOU!!  This video is inspiration for those of you who need it but also a Hello! to any haters! You are welcome to watch… I’ll make sure to throw in a little something for you every once in a while… Goodnight loves!! Muah!



2 thoughts on “For the sake of leaving no one out…

  1. Waving! For the record Jill Scott is in my all time faves list of artists also..Being that poetry is my first writing love; Jill Scott is a queen at flowing poetically..I’ve got all of her music & add to that she’s a great actress as well..All around talented Sista..

    Just remember that folks that hate on you(or on anyone..) are hating on something about you that they either want or envy. It is as simple as that..Pray for them to gain confidence in themselves & to emit love instead of funkiness & hate..Let your haters forever keep you motivated!!! And don’t even waste keystrokes or brain cells responding to them either..Stay uplifted & blessed. Hugs!


    1. Hey!! We are definitely on the same page!! Jill just gets it… she expresses herself extremely well be it singing, acting, or poetry… she is THEE BEST!! And that mistake and any other one wasn’t on purpose… I just know they are sure to come!! This is something I do because I enjoy it so when ppl read it I want it to be like I’m talking… I don’t get real caught up in doing 20 proof reads because I don’t want to take the enjoyment away.. but I noticed that one and couldn’t help but comment because of the irony of the situation. Lol. Thanks so much!! I love your spirit … muah!


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