Black Panther with Sex Appeal & a random bike OOTD


Hello! I hope all is well with all of you…

My Birthday is about a week away, and in addition to ALL of the celebrating

I plan on doing for my own bday, I know about a million people who are August babies!!

There are parties and bday dinners left and right so I’m sure there will be many opportunities for OOTD’s! Stay tuned because I’ve never really celebrated my bday but this year I’m seizing the moment and TRUST I will look cute while I do it!

I’m on my way to a dinner here… Showing a little leg and having mucho fun…. Check it out below!

My best friend kept saying I looked like a Black Panther at the top 1/2 of my body and a little sex appeal added with the shoes! Lol! What do you think?


Here I am walking across Royal St in the French Quarter…

The top is from Forever21, the shorts were originally pants that I cut and cuffed myself… I purchased them a while ago at TJ MAXX and the heels are Kristen Cavallari for Chinese Laundry.


The bracelet I’m wearing was purchased at H&M  and other than the lime green nail polish I purchased at Urban Outfitters that is SO appropriately called  “Slime”, and my “African Violet” lipstick by Black Radiance- Thats it for this look!

I wanna give a special shot out to the person that owns the bike…

Thanks for not coming out and seeing my photo op on your vehicle… You’re awesome and your bike is comfy!


Have a wonderful day loves… MUAH!!

3 thoughts on “Black Panther with Sex Appeal & a random bike OOTD

  1. Waving BabyGirl!!! Good to see you again..Since my visit to N.O..this past week was so busy it went by in a BLUR..Anyways I totally loveeeeee this look on you..Really digging the hair..You GO girl..And the outfit? How innovative to cut & create an outfit..HOT..Btw H& M is on of my fave fave spots..Lol..So is Forever 21..Great taste you’ve got. Ha! At first glance I thought it was a dress.Looks like a comfy party suit..And you’re wearing the heck out of it..Didn’t know you were a fashionista..Cool! I’ll be checking in to get your latest tips..Stay UPlifted & blessed. Hugs!


    1. I literally just saw this! Hello! I have have been absent from the blog for a bit but I’m back! It was so good meeting you and speaking with you and soaking up some of your wisdom and light… I’m so glad you have a blog so I can continue! Muah! I’m headed to your blog right now to pick your brain…


      1. Lol Waving! I figured you’d been away from blogging for a minute..Check my reader on a regular basis & hadn’t seen anything from your way lately..I look forward to us linking up on each others blogs..xoxoxoxoxoxo!


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