No more tomorrows…



Hey guys! It’s been a while…

If you’re like me you’re a busy person… Always trying to figure out a better way to juggle ALL of the things you want to do. Happy dreaming your dreams but more happy when you see yourself accomplish things. I just want to encourage you today… You may have days that you are tired, worn out, discouraged, etc…

Trust me I feel you!

Keep moving! Keep pushing! Keep reaching! We are equipped with everything we need to make the desires of our hearts come true. (Even the secret desires) God hears you when you pray and even when you think! No secrets hunny! Lol. He will give you the strength, the drive, dedication, finances, ride across town, or WHATEVER you need. Stay encouraged even if you have to encourage yourself and stay on track to your goals. ESPECIALLY on the days when you dont feel like it. There may be a million people in your city that want the same things you want but your dedication to it even when you dont feel like it is what will set you apart! Today is the best day to get started… Tomorrow they could be done casting for the part. Tomorrow they could have already found a lead dancer. And you could gain 5 more pounds this week putting that diet off until “next Monday”… Lol. You have to ride the bus and it’s raining outside? You better buy some cute rain boots! It’s too hot? Find some shade and a cold bottle of water and quit letting things you will NEVER be able to control keep you from getting whats yours. Go get it TODAY! No more tomorrows ya’ll…   Hugs, kisses, and a whole bunch of love- jnb

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