The natural number following 99 and preceding 101. Ciento. Benjamin. C


100?! Oh my gosh I can’t believe this is my 100th post!! OH MY GOSH!!

(Yes, I’m yelling… Im a little excited! Lol) When I began the blog it was a way for me to consistently pursue ALL of the different things i enjoy- simultaneously! I know, I know… its a lot! But I must say, I’ve enjoyed posting some of the randomness from my life in hopes of inspiring people in some way… I definitely plan to continue and I’ve got one BIG post with exciting news and great info planned for you in honor of this small but very exciting milestone!! I hope you enjoy…






I’ve FINALLY got the Turban Tutorial and “Contest Turban” winner announcement video!! Of course I had to put my special touch on the video so it includes a very funny, very accurate skit featuring my best friend Karayan! Please watch, comment, and subscribe!! It’s quite funny…

Congratulations to the winner and Thanks to all who participated!!





This hat (featured in the video) is by an organization called Power Africa.

They are geared toward raising awareness on the current energy crisis in Africa and they are helping to spread the word with these amazing hats!


They’re pretty HOTT in my opinion. And 100% of the proceeds goes towards increasing energy access in Africa! Visit for more information.





Janelle Monae’s new single Q.U.E.E.N. is pure FIRE!! The beat, the way the music makes you feel, but most of all the lyrics! All one has to do to be inspired by this is simply LISTEN!

“Yeah, keep singing imma keep writing songs. I’m tired of Marvin asking me “What’s going on?”        

March to the streets  ‘cuz I’m willing and I’m able. Categorize me I defy every label

And while you selling dope we gon’ keep selling hope….”






You’re walking down a street… summer time in New Orleans, hot and sticky, cringing at the thought of how un-fabulous you must look (because that’s how you feel) and then… Wait! What does that say?!


“You go girl?!” In graffiti?! Yep! Lol. Talk about an IMMEDIATE boost of confidence! Random inspirational messages are just that… RANDOM!! But they are by far the best! When was the last time you did something random but inspiring or inspirational?… Challenge yourself to do more inspirational randomness!! It can be very healing! For you and others…





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