Contest Turban is finally here!!

Many of you have watched my “Early Summer OOTD” video on YouTube where I first mention the Turban Contest… Well, IT’S FINALLY HERE!!

contest turban

Like the other contest I’ve had before, its quite simple! By now it’s no secret that more than half the time I have on a turban its not really a turban! I grab things… all sorts of things and wrap them around my head to make it a turban. That’s what this contest is all about. Look at the pictures above and comment telling me what item (skirt, shirt, tablecloth, etc…) I have wrapped around my head. Whomever wins will receive a gift card to the place where I purchased the item!! I will reveal the winner later this week on video and if more than one of you guesses the same item I will pick names from a bag! If you need a better view be sure to look at my post on it. (It’s on the Home page… “Early Summer OOTD) Go!

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