Feed a Soul, Fill a heart. Child hunger ends here feature!!

I ran across Tori Kelly while listening to some of her cover tunes and not only fell in love with her voice but this song as well!!

This song was written by her for an organization called “Child Hunger Ends Here”- a wonderful group of people committed to ending child hunger in America. According to the organizations website, childhungerendshere.com, an estimated 17 million children are going WITHOUT FOOD!! That number is FAR too high and something has to be done. Well, the Child Hunger Ends Here program has partnered with ConAgra foods to get the job done. All you have to do is purchase food (some of the brands im sure you already eat), go to the website and enter the eight digit code and for every code entered by 8/31/13 the monetary equivalent of one meal will be donated to Feeding America- the Nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. It’s great that all you have to do is all you’ve been doing… Go shopping and purchase the food you love!! All it takes is a little time… and by entering a code someone in need will eat as well!! In my bargain shopping mind thats a 2 for 1! You cant beat that! All of the food items will have a red push pin logo that says “Child Hunger Ends Here” on the packaging but I will go ahead and list some of them. Here goes… Crunch n’ Munch, Healthy Choice, Peter Pan, Banquet, Marie Callendars, Chef Boyardee, Hunts, Pam, Blue Bonnett, Orville Redenbachers, and Van Camps just to name a few. There’s a wide range of products that can be purchased for this initiative so like I said before, Im sure you’re already buying these items and all you’ll have to do is get online and enter the code. There is a five per day/ per person limit. If you just so happen to not recognize any of the brands listed as the items you enjoy but still want to participate just buy some of the items, use the codes, and donate them to a local shelter. There’s something good to come out of this for everyone!! To think that helping to end something thats SO serious could be SO simple is mind blowing… let’s keep these babies full ya’ll…

Feed a soul, Fill a heart.
For more information visit childhungerendshere.com

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