Early Morning Talks with Mom: Good Bye Addiction! And take Guilt with you…

One of the many signs that someone has been or is being restored is the desire to no longer be associated with the things that are associated with addiction. So, for example… friends began to change, appearance changes- who wants to look like and addict if their not?, things like electronics and jewelry, etc. will began to pop up around the house more instead of being in and out of pawn shops… These are a few, just a few things, that I have noticed in my experience with addicts. One of the things that may be a little more difficult for you (or someone you know) to leave behind is the guilt from not necessarily being the best person for your children, friends, and family to be around while you were still in your addiction. Listen to me carefully!! Let it go… That guilt is something else! A big part of staying addicted to drugs is the guilt you feel when you relapse or lie, etc…  You feel like you’ve failed and let your family down so you go back to  old faithful… the drugs. Searching for something that will make it all numb you go get high which will lead to of course, more guilt. It will become a cycle and behavior ultimately makes life miserable for you and anyone around you. MISERABLE!! If you have been restored or are on your way leave that guilt where its at. You may not be on drugs anymore but if you still have guilt (maybe even more guilt now that you can think clearly!) it will act in the same ways as it did before. Memories of the past will always stir emotions and feelings… some of the same feelings that you had when you had the addiction. Let it go. If you don’t let the guilt go with the addiction you will continue to be miserable and make your family miserable. It’s also risking a relapse! Be free, COMPLETELY free from the things that held you back before.

“BYE addiction… oh hey, wait! You forgot your friend Guilt…”

Good day my love… Muah!

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