Impossible things are happening EVERY DAY!!

Impossible things are happening EVERY DAY!!

Hello my loves!! So… I’m sure you’re wondering what’s up with the Cinderella picture. Lol. Well… I was nothing short of obsessed with this movie when it came out and every time I watch it I fall in love again. Aside from the AMAZING voices (RIP to the best fairy God mother EVER Whitney) this fairy tale has so much to say about how quickly the impossible can become possible. And the biggest issue with Cinderella was actually taking that first step and going to the ball… when she got there she was able to work her magic. Lol. I know this may seem a little juvenile for some… but I think it’s important to remember the things that evoked imagination and dreams and wishes in us when we were kids!! Lol. You know when you were a kid NOTHING was impossible. If you wanted to be something through dreams and imagining and a few other creative tricks and toys… you were it! Its really still that simple. It is! If there is something that you’ve been wanting to do… do it! You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted and you already have “everything you need to be anything…” Go for it. All the right people will support you! And the others… well they can have a seat! And quickly! Good day loves…

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