Freedom is yours… TODAY!

I just wanted to take a quick second to let you know that if you are struggling with some sort of an addiction (to ANYTHING!) you can be freed of it today! It is more than possible and I am rooting for you. And I know for the families of an addict it can be difficult at times. You can grow impatient with the lying and manipulating, etc… but hold on. I guarantee you the guilt that the addict is feeling is far worse… stay strong for them. Be the anchor. And when you get tired of being strong (because you will) rely on inspirational sites/blogs, organizations, and people that you know because in the long run it will be SO worth it to be able to see and FEEL the freedom that comes when your loved one says to addiction “No MORE!”… Freedom is for you and its yours TODAY! Hugs and a whole bunch a love, jnb

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