Poppin Tags: Thrift Shop Game!!

Poppin Tags: Thift Shop Game!!

Okay. So, for a while now I have been wanting to incorporate fun games and give-away’s on the site. Ive kind of struggled with the W’s(what, why, when, etc…) Its no secret that I love fashion and ive defintely been a fan of thrift shops for a while so, ive decided to incorporate those things into a game.

Here it is…
Every Sunday I will post a pic of me in something iv’e purchased at a thrift store. Anyone who wants to play has to FIRST follow me and then comment how much they think the item costs. I will view the comments every Wednesday and whoever wins (closest amount) will recieve a gift of my choice. Easy huh?

So this is the first of many. This is a dress I wore to the Pink House Annual Gala earlier this year. I purchased it at Goodwill in New Orleans. (Yes, GOODWILL!) Navy blue, floor length, fully sequined gown. The gift will be a $25 VISA gift card. How much did I purchase this dress for? GO!!

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