I got my towels!!!!

I got my towels!!!!

Hello sweet babies!! So by now, if youve read my about page or many of my posts, you know that I love New York! Love it! It was made for me and although im from Texas im CONVINCED my soul was born in New York in the 1930’s. Lol. Anyway… I spent last summer there attending an acting studio and since leaving I have been planning and making my way back!! I said a while ago my New York apartment would be my birthday gift to myself (which by the way is August 11th!! Cash is fine : ) So, being me, I went ahead and bought towels,(the softest, fluffiest towels on the planet might I add) the other day because they were on sale and I LOVE THOSE TOWELS!!(happiest person alive with my box of towels on the pic!) Even though my move date is a few months down the line, I have no clue how much my rent will be, where exactly the apartment will be or any of the details I’m slowly beginning to purchase things I know I will need when I move. A lot of people give me the side eye when I tell them Im shopping for my New York apartment even though I cant provide any of the details about it. Let me just say. I am confident in my faith! Faith will take you places money cant and I will be in MY fabulous New York apartment by August 11, 2013. How does your faith work? If there is something you want and have been praying for and you know God has already said it will be you dont need to wait on evidence. His word is enough!! Show God how much you trust him and go ahead and start doing the things you would do if you already had a lease sign, key in had, movers in the driveway, etc… And dont worry about what people will say. They gon talk anyway. Give em’ something to REALLY talk about when you faith comes through and God promise is fulfilled. How does your faith work?

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